Guess what I did today?

I met other bloggers.

“But faboo!”, you say.  “You’ve met other bloggers before.  Why are acting like this is something new?”

Well, because it is.

“No it isn’t!  What about YearlyKos?  You went in ’06 and ’07.  Lady.  You’ve met bloggers.”

Yes, well this time I met bloggers who I don’t know through a group blog.  I met bloggers that are just blogging bloggers.  It wasn’t a convention.  It was lunch.  And it was fun!

Today I met the bloggy owners of NotGoth and Mary and Bob’s Journal.  Two hilarious and super nice women:

See, we’re even super hot bloggers.  It was wonderful sharing a yummy lunch and interesting conversation with both of you today.  I hope we can do it again.


7 thoughts on “Guess what I did today?

  1. Sorry been a rare social weekend for me – just finally had time to catch up with my blogs! It was a lovely lunch – I had a great time meeting you both. WM – It would have been awesome if you were there too.


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