Let the photography begin!


Back in May and June of 2006, I bought two cameras.  They both did pretty well, but then they both started having problems around the same time.  A couple of months ago, my Samsung pretty much bit the dust.  It’s bad enough that the lens barely opened when it was turned on, but then it just stopped opening.  Nothing would happen!  I put in new batteries and nothing.  Oh well.  We still got an Olympus and that takes better macro shot, indoor shots and zooms a bit more.  Besides, it ran on a lithium ion battery, so I just charged it every night and life was good.

Until I spilled coffee on the charger.

Then I no camera, but my cell phone camera.  I hate cell phone photos.  I could buy another charger, but remember we’re broke.  My logic was that if no one was hiring us for jobs, then I don’t necessarily need it right now.  I can wait until we get a check.

The other day, Alton did something incredibly cute and I really wanted a picture.  I grabbed the Samsung.  Looked at it sternly, shook it, sighed at it and then put in new batteries again.  I pressed the button and it came on.  Yaw–what?  It Came On!  Whoo-hoo!

So, life is good because I have a working camera again.  Still, the Samsung is broken.  I used to have 8 working settings.  Now only half of them work and the 4th one actually only shoots in blue.  ???  Yesterday, I was at Fry’s spending the last of our money on ink and paper so we can do a print job for client and I found a charger for the Olympus.  This after calling 3 different Fry’s and having all of them tell me that they do not carry chargers for my battery.   To make it even more irresistible, it was affordable.  Yippee!

So, we may not be able to eat, but I can at least shoot photos of us starving to death.


2 thoughts on “Let the photography begin!

  1. Yes! If I didn’t have a working camera, I wonder if I would have gone to today’s Obama rally. I’m really, really glad to have my camera back. I feel whole again. I feel like I can leave the house again.


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