What to plug my nose with?

I want a new nose ring.  After 22 years of talking about it, I got my  nose pierced as a pre-birthday gift and election day celebration back in Nov. 2006.  Yeah, now my nose ring just reminds that Pelosi and Reid are jellyfish.  Ha!

When I got it pierced (the PAIN!), the guy told me that I could change it in 3 – 6 months.  Well, since then, it’s fallen out twice (ouch!) and I had to wait a little longer.  Now it seems to be ready to be readorned.  I like my current ring, in that it’s small and so far, the kids can’t pull it out.  I know this because Alton spends 3 days a week just staring at it and pressing it, while I’m in bed.

I see flower ones and think they’re pretty, but I’m so not the flower type.  The hoops seem a bit much to me, especially since the location of my hole, means that I’ll need a pretty big hoop.  I’ve check out the rings at Indian shops, but then I get carried away with the pretty and wind up choosing something for a wedding.   Which brings me back to studs.

I just can’t find any that speak to me.  OMG…What? Am I trying to send a message with my nose?  Lame.  It shouldn’t be this hard to find a decent stud, you know?   But since it’s on my face, it’s not like I can hide it with my hair if I don’t like it.  I don’t want people to say, “Hello, nose ring!”, but I also don’t want them to think they’re seeing things.  You know when someone has a 1/32 carat chip in this nose and you see it glint, but you’re not sure if you saw the glint and this goes on for years before your friend said, “Yeah, I pierced my nose 17 years ago.”?  Well.  It’s happened to me.  A lot.

What I do know:  I do not want a mini-fan hanging out of my nose.

Maybe I’ll get something so that people will know that I’m a superstar.


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