I can’t think. I’m obsessing over tomorrow.  I’ve read so many papers and magazines from around the world and everyone is looking at the Democratic race on Tsunami Tuesday.  So, I’ll babble about gardening

Nothing much is happening in my vegetable garden.  My artichoke plant is ginormous and has been knocked about by the recent winds.  I’ve had to cut so many stalks off of it.  I’m going to be planting my asparagus soon, so that’s exciting, but I’m going to put it in the front yard for variety.  At any rate, I’m growing lettuce.  I have two kinds that I’ve planted from nursery transplants and I’ve planted some mesclun mix seeds, er, someplace.  I also planted seeds for brussels sprouts and cauliflower.


In the back, I’ve also planted some red and white onions.  I’ve planted them so that I can both onions and scallions.  Should be interesting.  In the front yard, I’ve planted some ornamental garlic and I can’t wait to see them grow.  I’ve got the society garlic still and I love it so much. I just love the fact that I can get a garlic flavor in eggs, soups and potato dishes without actually using garlic.  I also have herbs growing all over the place; rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil are all being used as filler, ground cover and food.

Regarding the front yard, I really need to get the dahlias I bought in the ground soon.  I also have some other bulb I’m blanking on that needs to get in the ground.  I moved my fortnight lily to the front yard and divided it. It’s doing extremely well up there.  Thinking about bring my “Crazy daisy” chrysanthemum to the front too.  It really needs the sun.

One of my goals for the next week is to finish the front yard and plant the trees that I have waiting to go into the ground.  I’m going to move my red Japanese maple to the front yard, but I had planned to put it in the planter.  Now, I’m worried about the roots breaking through my basement wall.

I also still have my avocado tree (bought in April!) and new lime tree that I need to get into the ground.  The lime tree can wait, but the avocado tree really should be planted now.  It’s a dwarf tree, so it should only reach about 15′, but I’m concerned that may be a bit much for my small yard.  I’m thinking of keeping it a big smaller about 8′ -12′ and I’ll definitely have to prune it so it doesn’t get too wide for my tastes.

I have a yucca that I bought back in ’98 and it was initally an indoor plant but didn’t like our dark apt.  I took it outside where it did better, but not that much better.  When we moved here, I put it in the ground and it’s taken off.  The tree had been the same size for almost 8 years.  The trunks diameter was almost 2″.  Now, the trunk is about 5″ and there’s all kinds of pups growing off the size of it.  I kind of wanted to move it to the front yard and put it against the house, but I don’t know if I can move it now without doing some serious damage.

Speaking of succulents, that’s the other thing I need to do. I’m going to make the planters against the house into a succulent garden.  I need to prep the soil and break off some pups from my other plants and get them in there while it’s still a bit cool.

Wow…that’s a lot of stuff to do and it’s only a small fraction of what needs to be done!


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  1. Yum! Those look wonderful 🙂 I planted scallions too when I lived in San Diego, and they were dee-lish 🙂 We also had a Yucca too. Man that thing grew to monsterous proportions outside. But it was in a shaded corner outside. Good luck with all the plantings 🙂


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