My jaw!

Last night, I wanted to turn off the florescent lights and turn on the CFL light out in the garage.  I didn’t want to pull the string for the CFL, then walk back over to where the lightswitch was. I figured that I can turn off the bright lights, then just sort of reach over an yank the string, that way I won’t have to stumble in the dark to find it overhead.  I noted that a culitivator was leaning near the switch and told myself not to step on it.  Flipped the switch and was plunged in darkness.  Okay, the string was just an inch or so over, so I just reached, right, THWAP!.

The cultivator handle came fast and hard on my face.  It got me right on the left side of my chin.  The entire right side of my jaw is in serious pain.  It’s like when you get punched in the face (yes, I’ve been in a lot of fights in my life), but without someone to punch back.

To make it worse, I did in fact, step on the rake later today and it got me in the back of the head.