TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Voting concerns in Los Angeles

We use a funkafied ballot here in Los Angeles.  If you’re an independent voting in the Democratic primary in Los Angeles, you have to mark the circle that indicates ‘Democratic party’.  It states it clearly on the ballot, but people probably don’t read that.  This was a problem that we had years ago and it was never quite rectified.  d-day has a post about the problem and he’s taken the pains to contact the Obama campaign about this.

Carla Marinucci is wondering why this wasn’t challenged previously. This has been in place in LA County in multiple election cycles, and knowing that DTS voters would show up in record numbers, I agree that it should have been caught earlier. My point is that the Secretary of State’s office or the county registrar should have been the ones to catch it. The lawyer just said “We hope that they will adopt procedures to make sure these ballots are counted,” and if they aren’t adopted, he raised the option of legal challenges.

These ballots almost certainly won’t be counted tonight, and keep that in mind when you start seeing the results roll in.

Over at Calitics:

Update (Lucas): LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has a statement out now.

“I urge the Secretary of State and County Registrar to do everything within their power to ensure that every vote is counted, and to carefully weigh voter intent against this confusing Los Angeles County ballot design.

The California Democratic Party has sent an email out to DTS voters to alert them to bubble 6. But what’s funny is that

Ezra Klein posted on his blog:

From the inbox: This is really weird. From the Clinton campaign:

4:25 PM EST HILLARY WIRE UPDATE…* False reports about voting problems in LA are being drudged up
– Everything is going smoothly in LA.

So, I’m going to guess that the this is a bigger problem than one would assume.