TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Some other people’s thoughts

Last night, Jack and Jill Politics had a post that mirrors mine. Today, there’s another post, reading it with clarity (and less wine in my system) it’s well thought out:

Two weeks ago, Hillary was leading in MA by 37 points, Obama lost to her by 15 points. He erased a 22% deficit in less than two weeks. In NY, she was ahead by 28% on January 26th, but she ended up beating him by 14%, cutting her lead in half. Same thing in New Jersey – he lost, but not by what he was down two weeks.


Super Tuesday helped put the nail in the coffin about Obama being ‘ The Black Candidate’. It was very convenient for the MSM, as they went along with The Clintons to try and press the narrative, even after Obama won in 90%+ White Iowa, and came within 2 points in 90%+ New Hampshire, and won Rural Nevada.

Go and read the whole thing. JJP also linked up to Angry Independent’s thoughts on Super Tuesday. Angry Independent never thought Obama had a chance:

I’m watching CNN and I’m literally getting sick to my stomach.

The media is already spinning this as a big night for Hillary Clinton, the big name Senator and former first lady who was supposed to be coronated tonight.


Part of the reason why Clinton is getting this “spin” from the media is because of her win in California. They are even praising Clinton for winning New York? NO S–T CNN…. It’s her home State!!!

But this was a woman who led in almost all of the Super Tuesday States as recently as a month ago. She was leading in some States by 20% points or more…and she was leading nationally by similar margins. This was supposed to be her crowning moment.


He certainly made a believer out of me tonight. This was his first big test… and he passed with flying colors.

The media is desperate to have their candidate win so they will spin tonights results as everything but a victory for Obama.

It will be up to the bloggers to give Obama the credit that he deserves.

Oh well will. We understand how the media works. It’s the reason you have women saying they were crying when they cast a vote for Clinton. What’s up with that? I cast my vote for Obama yesterday because after months of agonizing and research, I decided he was the best option. There wasn’t any need to cry. I wasn’t throwing away my vote on more of the same.

Over at Booman Tribune, Booman posted his thoughts on Obama last night, too and ended with this:

I don’t see how Clinton can win the nomination now. I think she still has a chance…she didn’t get knocked out…but it’s now Obama’s race to lose. He’s got more money, he’s got more mojo, and Clinton doesn’t have any more Arkansas or New Yorks left on the schedule.

Now, I have to say that over the past 4 years I’ve seen Booman make predictions based on his analysis and I’ve shrugged at some, agreed with few and laughed at others. I’ve disagreed with him and thought he was crazy in some cases. I’ve told him this. But one thing I will say, is that Booman is rarely wrong or that far off. It’s uncanny. So, after 4 years of being right most of the time, I’m going to sit back and let this one be right for now.

Today, Booman posted more analyses on the upcoming primaries and caucuses for the rest of the county. I highly suggest you go read it.


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  1. When I woke up this morning and read that Hillary won CA and the media announced a “draw”, I was pretty bummed because it sounded like we lost. But then I did more research throughout the day and found that Obama actually won MORE states and has MORE committed delegates right now. It’s a shame that the media isn’t giving an accurate depiction of what happened.


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