Come on summer

I went outside and my thermometer said it was 103 degrees.  Clearly, that wasn’t true, but it was a bit hot in that area.  I got to thinking ahead about spring…and then summer.  Sigh.  I miss my feet.

Oh, they’re still there…dry and stuff no matter how much love I give them.  But they’ve been wrapped up in socks for so long. I’m convinced that socks suck the natural oils out of your feet and that’s why winter feet aren’t as nice as summer feet.  Socks are evil.  I’m thinking if socks were a person, they’d be Dick Cheney.  That’s pretty bad, huh?  Don’t ever turn your back on socks.  Why do you think the mate goes missing?  Reconnaissance.    You know what Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location is?  It’s a rally with socks.  I’m telling you!

I have one of those foot spa things.  You know the ones at nail salons? I got one.  How sweet is this?  My husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day when I was pregnant with Ilia.  After she was born, I used to soak my toes and pump milk, while twisting my locks.  Aren’t I the multitasking fool?  Sadly, I rarely use it now. The last time I tried to use it, the little boy tried to get in there, then he proceeded to dump toys in there.  And let’s face it, on wood floors over a crawl space the massage function on that sucker is loud.

But it doesn’t matter.  Since my feet are covered by socks, I don’t even think about foot spas or even painting my toe nails.  During the summer, I can spend days agonizing over which shade of baby blue I’m going to use on my toes just to go to a BBQ.  Winter rolls around and I can barely remember to clip my toenails.

Today was warm…today gave me a whiff of what’s to come.  Luckily, I live in Southern California where “what’s to come”, comes a bit sooner.  Today reminded me that I’m one day closer to seeing my old friends again…


6 thoughts on “Come on summer

  1. Winter’s just toying with us too. Remember all those super beautiful warm days in January? Swiftly followed by a hug number of cold days.
    My feet are protesting the wearing of closed shoes.


  2. “It ain’t fittin’, it ain’t right!” It’s been ridiculously cold even during the day and then rain and then blue skies. What’s up with that?


  3. Greetings from cold @ss New England, where it is a balmy 25 degrees..and oh, what is that I see outside my window? Snow! Wait..its rain,now…ok, snow again! I have no sympathy for you, with that west coast weather!!


  4. Then I guess I won’t complain about digging holes in my garden and it’s like 75 degrees over here. I’m thisclose to putting on a tank top. Gah…winter. ;P


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