ELECTION ’08: Man, Obama punked out

According to The Page, Obama agreed to two more debates.  He agreed to give The Clinton’s 2 90 minutes shots of free publicity.  That’s some bullshit. One of them is even in Ohio where she really needs the free publicity.  Who in the halibut on the Obama team thought this was a good idea.  Let her fly her ass all over the country and campaign.  They got money.  You know, the Obama team better not start buying her ads.  Let the GOP do that.  Again.

You know what?  He better bring it.  He needs to be the awesome Obama of the last debate, not the polite stutterer of the first debates.  Because remember, she was complaining about the number of debates back in August.  It wasn’t until she had to dig into her pocketbook that free publicity more debates was important.


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  1. I know why – there was some talking head just a minute ago on MSNBC saying that “If he doesn’t agree to any debates, people will say he’s afraid to debate her.” And that’s the kind of stuff that gets repeated often enough to become Conventional Wisdom. “Oh, that Obama? Yeah – he didn’t want to debate Hillary because he was afraid he’d lose.”

    Yeah, of course – it sucks, but there ya go. Politics.


  2. Yeah, I know…But seriously, he could have just as easily flipped and said, “I’m sorry about your supposed cash problems, but I’m not going to be part of your little publicity stunt.”


  3. As long as he doesn’t do the Faux news one.

    He’ll do fine. The “polite stutterer” was just when he was learning the ropes. He knows how it goes now.

    Hillary’s taking a little risk here, too — once Obama February and Hillary March roll by, they’re mostly likely going to still be pretty close & if either one of them screws up, it’s going to hurt.


  4. Ohhh!! I am mad at her! Lil’ sneaky so & so!!! I wish Obama would have said no too — since you hipped me to the ‘free publicity’ stunt. Shame on her! Ol’ craggle faced hag!..lol


  5. I see you are a political junkie…me too (much to mommymonster’s frustration in election years)…very glad to see folks exercising the rights that I defend. Wish I could do more but being active duty, we get limited in some ways (whole oath thing…). Up front, I’m a social and fiscal conservative (not to the very far right but close). Now, let me ask you a question: If Obama were a white man w/ the same views, would he be endorsed by Oprah? Heard this on the Dennis Miller talk show and only white people called in so I would like to know what black people think) Personally, color of skin should never matter but this is America and racisism still exists…in every ethnic group. In all fairness both Billary and Obama scare me…I think national security will go VERY WAY down (espically under Obama) putting the nation I serve in danger and my taxes will go VERY WAY up (espically under Billary) in order to support folks that are too lazy to find a job (in college, I once had a jod cleaning the dog pound cages in order to have some money so yes, I have shoveled S#*t) or pay for a womans “right to choose” (watch a vid of late term abortion, you’ll cry because a lot of premmies that size live…trust me, my best friend’s daughter was at about that many weeks and lives…8 yrs old now and flourishes). If you want socialism, move to Canada or Europe I say! I will admit that if I had to pick between the two (w/ a gun to my head and only to save my family’s lives!) I’d go w/ Obama. A)Billary is just cold and a fake and would have Bill as an advisor (he nearly killed our military by the way) and B)Obama is energetic and, although I disagree w/ about 99.9999999% of his views, he does seem willing to listen at the very least; the bottom of the bucket very least. Looking forward to friendly debates!


  6. I’m not interested in debating. There’s so many strawmen and outright “conservative” talking points, that I doubt debate is on your mind. Socialism? Seriously. No one is offering any kind of socialist solution. Another GOP talking point rooted in nothing but lies and distortions.

    As for Oprah…Did Robert Kennedy Jr. only endorse Clinton because she’s white? Did Chuck Norris only endorse Huckabee because he’s white?


  7. You did not answer my question. Yes or no? Yes, debate is on my mind…I love it and keep my emotions/temper at bay. As a matter of fact, I even listen to Air America radio jusy to see how the lefties feel (Randi Rhodes is a born again IDIOT by the way..Ed Schultz I can listen to w/ an open mind). Another “talking point”: The Kennedy’s got to “power” by bootleging during in the 20s and 30s. They are a bunch of crooks…like Ted…who by the way.. killed a girl in a lake but saw it prudent to save himself. Trust me, I have a BA in history, Minor in English and Master of Science in Public Admin, multiple Professional Military Education certificates…I know my stuff. Chuck Norris…fair play by you and good point. BUT Chuck has been on TV only few (if I’m wrong, let me know). Canadian’s (and again I have worked w/ them) give up over 50% of their pay to help others. Do you want 50% of you pay to go away? Also, national health care…if the gov’t runs care it will be a disaster…again look at Canada. Good docs will go away..no incentive…and they do deserve their$…lines will get longer…ever think about supply vs demand? Same thing. Respectfully…hm


  8. Oh how sad…You aren’t saying anything new or interesting. Just about everything you’ve asked about, I’ve already blogged it. I’m not going to waste my time because you can’t or won’t use the search function. Feel free to look it up.


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