Obama supporters are what?


(h/t to JJP)

See, if you poke around the increasingly unhinged parts of the liberal blogosphere, you’ll see crazed “progressives” gnashing their teeth saying that Obama supporters are like cultists or that they’re just supporting him because of vague hope. White women for the Clinton’s overwhelmingly use “coded” racist terms to describe Obama. I say “coded” because anyone who’ll nitpick the use the of the word “hysteria” as sexist, knows what the words they use are saying.

But I gotta tell you, when I speak politics with random people and they know what they’re talking about 9 times out of 10, they’re Obama supporters. When I went to the rally at UCLA, I was blown away by being able to just approach of group of people and have an intelligent conversation. These people didn’t just know Obama’s stances, they could compare and contrast Clinton and Edwards’ policies too. On their pet issues, they knew what each candidate offered. A breath of fresh air compared to the Clinton supporters I run into. They only tout “experience” with no details, the ’90s like they were so wonderful and the most offensive, “It’s time we had a woman president.”

Still, when you watch this video, you know the interviewer expected to snag some dumb brother. It wasn’t so much an interview as it was a quiz. Gosh, I’ve been in that situation. At YearlyKos definitely and even recently, I’m asked questions which devolve into a quiz. I’m informed. I don’t speak slang. I don’t “sound black”. Interviewers don’t like that. I never make the cut.

To all the Obama supporters out there, I urge them to stay informed, get informed. This goes doubly to every black Obama supporter, because we know how they are. Be Derrick.


8 thoughts on “Obama supporters are what?

  1. Love it!! That dude was hot, the interviewer certainly thought he stumbled upon a ‘dumb negro’ he was trying to stump him at every turn! ‘We shall, we shall, we shall not be moved!’


  2. WOW. That was great. Boo-ya! In ur FACE!!
    My scoping around the internet has revealed similar derision of Obama supporters- it’s a cult, voting for him is a decision based on pure emotion, yadda yadda. But while I’ve done my research, it’s true that I all I hear for Hillary is, “But she’s a woman…”, “but she’s more experienced,” and “But the Clinton years…”

    I’m so eager/anxious for more primaries this weekend!!


  3. This is the kind of thing that really pisses me off. While I haven’t had a lot of direct contact with Obama supporters, what I have seen from my extensive time spent on the web is that Hillary supporters are the ones displaying cultish behavior (and what Chicana Skies listed is a good start), and Obama supporters have displayed reason, particularly in explaining why the Hillary campaign is wrong, misleading, divisive, and on and on and on…

    As for the Obama supporters with whom I have had some contact (and that would include at the least faboo), they are certainly what I would call informed and rational.

    …unless, of course, having any sort of hope makes one crazy, in which case call me freakin’ nuts.


  4. You know what, I read the funniest entry at Booman Tribune:

    A great post. Now if we could just get the Hillary fans to read it and not bitch about it being a sexist rant, somehow. But I hear so many Hillary supporters don’t do much reading anyway. And even if they read it, they don’t think about these things – they feel about them instead. It’s a shame.

    I wish for once I’d run into a Clinton supporter who actually knew what they were talking about. Who saw more than “It would be nice to have a woman in the White House.” These people don’t understand how much Clinton would harm downticket races. They don’t realize or care, that despite what Clinton is promising now, things are not going to change if she takes office.

    They babble about her healthcare plan, “Obama’s plan will only cover some people.”
    “Well, so did Clinton’s up until a couple of weeks ago, ” I counter, “AND she’s willing to garnish your wages for her poorly conceived plan.”
    They reply, “But she’s a woman! I feel like it’s time…”

    Shoot me now.


  5. You brought up a HUGE issue that is being almost totally overlooked–the downticket races. Have people forgotten that there are lots of Congressional seats up for election in November? A Hillary nomination could very well mean that the Republicans take back majorities in both houses. I guess it’s just all us cult members lost in the haze of hope that have even considered this.


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