Page 123

I’ve been tagged by wineymomma for this meme.  Since it’s not one of those chain mail-y sorts, I’ll do it, but instead of taggin 5 people, I’m tagging everyone reading this:

The Rules 

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)

Find page 123

Find the first five sentences

Post the next three sentences

My selection

I’m re-reading Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett:

“…One Spink, two Spinks.  Now get on with it.  I want those posters all around the city first thing tomorrow.”



7 thoughts on “Page 123

  1. @bobina: I can’t wait to see it. Now, I’m curious of what another book would have looked like.

    @wm: A review? Man, I stink at book reviews. I was thinking of reviewing all the books I read, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I may just put up a sidebar that shows what I’m reading and links to the book.


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  3. I’m reading: Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations for a conference this weekend.

    relevant passage from p 123: “How do you feel about how faithful your church is with its money? How has someone else’s generosity touched you and shaped your practices of giving? From whom did you learn generosity?”


  4. Thank you for that link. I had seen it before, but couldn’t remember what it was. I tried to get my Powell’s Bookshelf on this site, but I can’t use that sort of coding here.


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