ELECTION ’08: I’m giving Obama Nebraska

From Omaha.com:

1223 of 1665 Precincts Reporting – 73%

  Name Party Votes Vote %
Obama, Barack Dem 17,074 69%
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 7,622 31%

TOPEKA, Kan. – Sen. Barack Obama was the winner of Saturday’s Democratic caucuses in Nebraska, NBC News reported.

The win came as Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton competed for Democratic convention delegates across three states on Saturday, locked in a marathon struggle for the party’s presidential nomination after nationwide contests this week failed to produce a clear front-runner.

From on the ground reports I’m hearing in WA (shout out to Jen, Sarah Rose, Jeremy, Samir and Yin), I think Obama has a lock on that one too.

UPDATE:  Final numbers:

1660 of 1665 Precincts Reporting – 99%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 25,986 68%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 12,396 32%  
  Uncommitted Dem 99 0%