ELECTION ’08: Louisiana is being called for Obama

CNN and MSNBC are calling Louisiana for Obama. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty shocked at this. I thought for sure (despite polling) that Clinton would pull out a win in this state.

The numbers so far:

President – Dem Primary
1349 of 3966 Precincts Reporting – 34%
  Name Party Votes Vote %  
  Obama, Barack Dem 60,276 54%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 42,752 38%  
  Edwards, John Dem 4,802 4%  
  Biden, Joe Dem 2,056 2%  
  Richardson, Bill Dem 1,378 1%  
  Dodd, Chris Dem 663 1%  
  Kucinich, Dennis Dem 484 0%  

UPDATE: The final numbers out of Louisiana for Obama are huge. If he wins the nomination, Democrats take Louisiana!

3966 of 3966 Precincts Reporting – 100%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 220,588 57%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 136,959 36%  
  Edwards, John Dem 13,034 3%  
  Biden, Joe Dem 6,179 2%  
  Richardson, Bill Dem 4,258 1%  
  Dodd, Chris Dem 1,925 1%  
  Kucinich, Dennis Dem 1,405 0%

4 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: Louisiana is being called for Obama

  1. Everyone, you all must know by now, Obama’s cousin is the one in kenya killing masses of people because he lost the elcetion. Raila Odinga is obama’s cousin and is trying to rule Africa with the muslim faith. The president of Kenya now is a christian. Raila used a machete and tortured 100’s of kids of the officials who where against him Do we want obama pushing this into our country or sympathisizing with our soldiers enemies. Search Robert Malley as well. He is hired by Obama as his foreign leader HE FUNDS HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH……we can not allow obama in our white house…he is not who he says he is.


  2. BWHAHAHAHAHA…that’s fucking hilarious. I’m going to keep this up so everyone can laugh at the stupidity that is being spread on the internet. This claim is tops in the lies being spread about the Senator. It reads like one of those hoaxes only the stupid and inept forward along.

    Internet morons just know this bullshit is true. Most of these nitwits are Republicans of the mindless ilk. The bedwetters, if you will. Think about this…just try it for once. If this was even remotely close to reality, don’t you think the Senator would be in Gitmo or something? I know the Bush administration is like the Keystone Kops and spend more time jailing innocents, but don’t you think that someone, somewhere would have questioned him by now? I’m so sorry you live in TerrorLand. It must suck to be you. You sound like someone who thinks that terrorists are peeking in your windows every night. That’s pretty sad.


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