ELECTION ’08: MSNBC calls Washington for Obama

Hmmm, only 48% of precincts have reported:

Obama, Barack Dem 11,107 67%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 5,234 32%  
  Uncommitted Dem 175 1%  

But everyone is calling it for Obama.

Well, that’s out of the way. Let’s get back to the important stuff, like Clinton making a huge stink over Schuster’s tasteless remark. Still.

UPDATE:  Here are the final numbers for the Washington Caucuses. I’d be interested to see how the numbers of the primary on the 19th go.

6856 of 7150 Precincts Reporting – 96%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 21,629 68%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 9,992 31%  
  Uncommitted Dem 363 1%

2 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: MSNBC calls Washington for Obama

  1. The first counties reporting were all in Eastern Washington, where nobody was sure what would happen. There have been reports all over the blogs about the Seattle area, and it was a blowout for Obama in every report. So if Obama is already way ahead before the Seattle results come in, then he must have won it.

    I am from the Seattle area and Obama won my precinct with 80% of the delegates. At my site, there were about a dozen precincts, and Obama won the site with 72.% of the delegates.

    Turnout was huge!


  2. My friend said that turnout at her precinct was ridiculous. She said that she had never seen more than 50 people at her place before.

    On Booman Tribune, I read:

    Just came screamin back from our local WA state caucus. I got there early, cause I can’t help myself and there was our trust old timer leader, he had reserved a room to hold about 20 people. I started draggin chairs out into the barn. And then the people started arriving…

    It’s one thing to watch this Dem explosion of energy on a monitor or tv screen, it’s quite another to go through the caucus experience.

    All ages. Teenagers that braved the closed passes to come home after being at Key Arena bouncing off the walls they were so full of excitement. Cautious middle aged folks, loud and cantankerous older folks in wheelchairs, military, hippies, you name it they all just kept walkin in the door.

    I know this doesn’t sound like much, but last caucus we had 5 people show up.

    Today, the headcount was 188. Bottomline: 8 for Clinton 180 for Obama.

    My uncle said (Seattle) said that it was around 80% for Obama at his caucus and my friend in Olympia said that her caucus it was about 92% for Obama.


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