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I just got back from breakfast at Homegirl Cafe in Chinatown. I hadn’t been to the one in Boyle Heights, though I’ve driven past it. The one in Chinatown–across the street from Chinatown?–has been open for a few months now and I’ve been meaning to get there. I really wish I had my camera or at least my cell phone with me. This will be a photo-less food review.

First we went it just to get coffee ($1.50), and then I saw the bakery goods. Homeboy Bakery has a little corner where they sell desserts, muffins, and fresh made bread. Crap. I meant to pick up a loaf of the rosemary olive bread before I left. Anyway, I bought the kids a crisp ($2). It looks like pita bread dusted in sugar, it tastes like flaky bits of heaven. I ordered my coffee and then noticed a menu…with breakfast. Breakfast is served until 11am and it’s $6. 14 items on the menu and each plate is $6. I chose to have the omelet with spinach, queso fresco and morita salsa. I got it with a side of Homegirl potatoes.

The omelet is good. A little bland, but since no one in LA County can make a decent omelet, this one is utterly brilliant. The eggs were perfectly moist and had a little crepe like crust on it. Yum. Usually, I can’t eat raw spinach added into things. For some reason, my throat closes up. I still order it and I forget until I can’t breath again. So, I did it again and I tried it, but so far my throat hasn’t close up. They could use a bit more queso fresco in there and definitely some onion, but it was a good omelet. The Homegirl potatoes are your basic breakfast potatoes mixed with fried corn and onion. My first bite of the potato was ho-hum, but as you eat them, you realize there’s complexities in there. I don’t know what it’s seasoned with, but it’s quite tasty.

I also got a side of the tofu chorizo ($2). Now, anyone who knows me knows that two things I won’t eat are tofu or chorizo. For whatever reason, I absolutely love tofu chorizo. I thought my kids would too. Unfortunately, the little boy only eats 3 items and none of them were around and the girl who loves tofu refuses to eat it with “spicy stuff” mixed into it. So, I got to have the wonderfully delicious tofu chorizo all to myself. It’s served over potatoes with cilantro on top. The dish also came with a piece of baguette. The bread had sesame seeds on it which made the tofu chorizo even more interesting in your mouth.

I highly suggest you go to Homegirl Cafe if you can. One of the best bonuses: It’s right across the street from Chinatown Station served by the Gold Line.


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