B-Serious lays it out

I finally visited his blog and saw one of the best posts written so far this yea.  B-Serious asks us to wonder if certain situations in this presidential campaign were a little different:

  • What if Obama lost all of these states by such huge margins (we’re talking 25-35% in many states)?
  • What if it was Obama who, despite running on name recognition as the inevitable candidate, could only claim his home state and California as major (hard fought) wins thus far?
  • What if Obama had negatives in the low to mid 40s?

There’ s more thought provoking questions over there like:

  • What if Obama lost a majority of the swing states on Super Tuesday?
  • What if Obama trailed in PLEDGED delegates and could only claim a slim (misleading) lead by counting super delegates (party insiders who can change their mind at the drop of a dime and show loyalty through political favors)?
  • What if Obama lost 6 out of 8 primaries (perhaps even 8 or 9 in a row) as Hillary Clinton is expected to lose this week?

You have to visit his site.  There’s more questions B-Serious posits.  So readers, what you do think would happen?  What do you think the media narrative would be?  What would the DNC do? Wouldn’t you expect to see someone like Sen. Reid or some Congresswoman on TV bemoaning Obama’s string of losses?

All those whiners who are complaining that Sen. Clinton gets such bad press, do they honestly think the media would treat Obama so tenderly, just putting out the press releases from the campaign with no serious questions asked?


3 thoughts on “B-Serious lays it out

  1. Obama is an interesting man, probably the only dem with a new face and different approach.

    Reid…he’s a nasty old fart who’s paid nicely and bought his way to where he is. He needs to take some lessons on tact and diplomacy from Teddy.

    The country is ready for change. Will it be a more liberal conservative like we have put in Sac? Will it be a new face like Obama?

    I think this country showed several years ago we were ready to consider a female, just Mrs Dole wasn’t the right one to make a run at the presidency and win. We’ve progressed further since she took a run at it. I don’t think Hillary is the right one, too divisive for the majority in the middle of the cuntry.

    I do appreciate what you toss up here. Makes me keep going back and re-evaluating a lot of things. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading and somewhere along the line we’ll get a new president.

    I wish I had a crystal ball and crawl under a rock until Nov as I really dislike campaign years as every runs around pissed at something until we vote.


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