What’s the word I’m looking for?

When you’re the “inevitable” front-runner and polls from 3 or 4 months ago have you blowing your opponents out of the water and then you start losing races by large margins always with some kind of excuse (my supporters work) or lies (I was outspent) what’s the word that you’re called? I mean when you’re not the inevitable front-runner any more, but are expected to fight for votes?


It’s not ‘underdog’. You were never the underdog, no matter how much your campaign tries to spin it.


Candidate. That’s what it is.


5 thoughts on “What’s the word I’m looking for?

  1. Don’t you love when reality kicks in. Now the race isn’t so neatly in the bag is it? Now, some real work has to be done and the gap is getting wider and wider and pretty soon, “the candidate” that was slated as the winner becomes the “the candidate” that needs to think about the good of the Party and step aside.


  2. my friend, a party vice chair, had an AP reporter following him around as he canvassed for Obama in the District. One voter he talked to said that she liked Clinton and hoped to vote for her on Tuesday, but that she didn’t think Clinton could win against McCain or “that other guy” (Huckabee) so she might just vote for Obama. She took the lit.

    All in all, he had a very very interesting day.


  3. I haven’t had consistant tubes access, so no blogging from me. At least it’s up long enough to comment here and there. This is only important in that I’ll be posting a piece on Amtrak and the new Teamsters push to prevent Peters from authorizing the road-worthiness of Mexican trucks. Did you know, that Mexican drivers do not have to comply with the same rest rules that Canadian and American drivers do? They’re paid less, work longer hours and that doesn’t even address issues with the actual trucks or safety of drivers when over tired truckers are on the roads.

    See, told you I need to blog.

    All in all, good trip. Saw my first Obama ad in Ohio, last Saturday. Unfortunately, I also had to see a McCain ad, too. Now, tonight it’s taxes and voting (I volunteer as a tax preparer). I just need to figure out how long the line is at my precinct. When my neighborhood in 04, I had to wait for 2 hours. I’m hoping I don’t run into that again today (new polling place).


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