ELECTION ’08: Obama won 24 out of 35 races

That’s America right there. Those light blue states that are Obama’s. He won America. He has even outshone the Republican candidates in traditionally strong Republican strongholds.

The darker blue states (save OK) are the states that traditionally vote Democrat, regardless of who’s on the ticket. Those are Clinton states.

I don’t care how much the Clinton’s campaign tries to say that they won “the important states”. I would think that Clinton supporters in those other 11 states would feel a bit hurt at that. The Clinton’s campaign has told us that black voters don’t count as much, that activists don’t represent the electorate. They’ve said that Obama supporters don’t work on weekends (?) and that caucuses are undemocratic (except, I’m assuming for NV where they won). Then they said that the only people voting for Obama are “latte-liberals”. Keep in mind, that if Clinton wins the nomination, she’s going to need these groups and states that don’t count to beat McCain, because clearly she can’t get more than he does in these states.

In the past 4 days, the Clinton campaign has lost 8 races. Even with free press from MSNBC and now CNN, she still lost 8 races. She wants to change the rules mid-game and count the delegates from MI and FL who weren’t supposed to be counted. While she is still using race-baiting tactics, her supporters are crying sexism because people saying the truth about her campaign. No, I’m NOT talking about the Schuster remark. I’m talking about those people who whine about her treatment in the media. Today. She’s gotten a Bush free pass this whole past year. The moment her campaign stumbles, it’s going to be covered. If you’re a female, when you mess up up, it’s NOT sexism to point it out. Those who say it is are fucking morons. These people expect Clinton to be treated differently because she’s a woman. I call bullshit on that. She’s withstood more criticisms and insults in the 90s and I know that some of these same people defending Clinton today were calling her a “bitch” a year ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago. So don’t feign any type of female solidarity all of a sudden just because you have issues with a black man running for president.

“Oops. I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about you.”


7 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: Obama won 24 out of 35 races

  1. From the looks of it msm/corporations want Clinton to win. They think Mclame would have an easier time with her than Obama. Where does she get off saying black votes don’t count as much as any other vote? Do you have a link to that comment?
    And let me add I vote for a candidate based on their positions not by the color of their skin or gender. Go Obama!


  2. Here you go. It’s from yesterday. She dismissed black votes. And guess what MSNBC got into the act. Apparently, black voters aren’t part of the “traditional Democratic base”:

    Clinton has been strong among traditional Democratic base voters, such as Hispanics and working-class whites. Obama has run strongest among young people, independents, affluent voters and blacks.


  3. To add to that. I keep on telling people – Hey . . . guest what . . . black women are women too. LOL! Obama won the women vote in Virginia as well. It’s amazing how the msm keeps saying she’s got a lock on the female vote when they ignore the fact that she’s loosing 8/10 black women.

    Anyways, GREAT DAY for Obama. They’re doing the math now and noticing that it’s going to be really hard (perhaps UNLIKELY) for Clinton to make a comeback.

    Regardless of the spin, I guarantee you that she didn’t expect to get swept like she did. I guarantee you she didn’t expect to lose these things by 25-35%.

    And don’t worry. If you watched MSNBC last night, it looks like we’ve got Al Sharpton in the wings just in case the Clintons (and Julian Bond for that matter) try to pull some “Politricks” with those super delegates and MI/FL.


  4. Yeah, I saw Sharpton last night. For Clinton to get the nomination, she’s going to need to get Obama type numbers on March 4th. It was hilarious watching those ass lickers at MSNBC, do the math and try to find a way to say, “I don’t see her doing it”, without trying to sound like they are attacking Clinton because of her WATB supporters. They were saying she’d need 60% or higher and IIRC, they were even adding in other superdelegates. Obama would basically have to come out on stage at the next debates and fart in her face or decide to Crackberry to lose the momentum.

    I don’t get it…Like i said before, she’s now using the Giuliani Election Strategy and we see how well that worked out. If I lost 9 races in a row and had staff leaving. I wouldn’t be in TX where they don’t even vote for another 3 weeks. I’d be someplace where they vote next week. Or I’d quit, just to save face.


  5. FL and MI delegates will be sat over my dead body! And a lot of the other state Dem parties who all agreed to these rules nearly a year ago now. They knew the consequences. And I’d still like to see an end to NH and IA go firsters, but this wasn’t how to do it.

    If the DNC wants to have issues with the state party organizations, they’ll seat these delegates and I’m hoping that they want nothing to do with the fight that would cause.


  6. Faboo, I am really conerned that you are being unhealthy by keeping your feelings bottled up. LOL!

    On the chance that some other Texans make it here to your blog, keep mentioning that Molly Ivins was against Hillary. I am going to make regular mention of that between now and March 4. Also, when I find new poll results for Texas, I will let you know. In November and December, Hillary had a 51% to 17%, but at the end of January, it was 48% to 38%, with Obama gaining in almost every category, including Latinos.

    As for MI and FL, this is just another example of Hillary being for the rules only when it benefits her. She recently took the stand that superdelegates should not be required to basically go along with the primary/caucus results because there is no need to change the existing rules, but when the “existing rules” resulted in MI and FL getting spanked by the DNC, well that has just got to be changed, don’t ya know?


  7. LOL…one of these days I’m going to say how I really feel. Believe me, I held back a lot and I didn’t call out any of those bloggers who are now pushing Clinton when just a year ago, when she announced she was running, they were all furiously typing about how she’s selfish and an egomaniac. How they were never going to vote for her. Evah!


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