I’m a moron

Remember how I bought plane tickets to go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving, but I bought them for the week after Thanksgiving?  I had changed them to Feb. because I couldn’t afford to pay more at the time.  So, this morning, I got an IM from a cousin asking me when I was coming out there. I said, I thought my tickets were for the 21st, but I’ll check.  He pings back, “The email you sent me said you were supposed to arrive on the 1st.”  The 1st?  Of what?  Let’s pull up my email confirmation.  Ohhhhh.  February 1st.  I was supposed to arrive in KC on Feb. 1 and leave on Feb. 5.  Huh?  Come back on a voting day?  Now that don’t make sense at all.

At this point, I’m thinking my cousin is an ass because he could have sent me this IM back in January.  Hell, I chatted with him everyday between Jan. 30th and Feb. 7th and he didn’t say a damn thing.

Now, I’ve got to figure out another time to get to Kansas City.  On the upside, it won’t be freezing cold when we go.  The flip is that I’ll still probably have no money and I did buy the kids snowsuits already.