More MSNBC Clinton ass-kissing

Popped over to First Read and what do I see?  O,h just one of Clinton’s ads + transcript on the “blog”.  Yep.  In an effort to bend over backwards for the Clinton campaign, along with giving Clinton a free hour of air-time on Saturday night and doing everything possible these past 3 days to focus only on Clinton, MSNBC is now giving this one candidate free ads.  I suggested that all the other candidates whine and propose to “shun” MSNBC too, so they can also get free ads with transcript posted on First Read.

Ain’t democracy grand?

Now we’ll have to wonder how this plays with all those idiots out there who complain about how the Clinton’s are treated in the media.  I’m thinking if they didn’t use race-baiting tactics and…what’s the word?…oh…won something this weekend, then maybe, just maybe she’d have more positive press.  Let’s face it, when you lose most of the important states on Super Tuesday, make up some money woes to a) kill the press on your winning opponent and b) dupe your supporters into giving you money, then insert non-critical drama about your campaign manager knowing that too would kill the press on your opponents clean sweep of 5 races in 2 days and cap it all off with dismissing black voters AND activists as non-representative of voters, you’re kind of bound to get some bad press in there, seeing as how you’re creating it.

It’s just a shame that your supporters don’t see how much they’re being played.


2 thoughts on “More MSNBC Clinton ass-kissing

  1. Personally I have been astounded at the attacks she is making on Obama and bringing hubby in to help. It reaks of old school politics and for a candidate of “change” she isn’t doing a very good job of setting an example of change.

    Just my 2 shiny copper bits


  2. What in tarnations!! Are you serious? I love this blog, you keep me abreast of what’s going on, because I seriously don’t follow this political thing as well as I should… Dag. And I liked MSNBC too, they always do those ‘lock up’ them!


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