Oh. My lord.

You know what an overly long campaign season gets you? Not more info from the candidates? Nah, they just say the same thing over and over again, and in Clinton’s case she just says what her opponents say. Not more detail and information from our news organizations. Nah, that’s why, out of all the things that could have been written about any of the candidates, Boy Wonder at Newsweek has dedicated an article to supposition on a smear (more on that later–my dreadlocks are steaming on this one ya’ll.).

Instead we get this from the LA Times. Yes a story about a young child who’s name just happens to be Jamile O. Bama. The only real heartening thing about the story is that the kid is doing more politically than a lot of crybabies I know. He’s doing something that I’m unable to do; door knock and talk to strangers. Eek!

Bama will vote for the first time in the primary, and Obama will get that vote. Bama said he agrees with the Illinois senator’s policies on affordable higher education, health care and the recent mortgage crisis.

“I’ve been waiting to be able to vote for a long time. . . . I’m of age. I work. I get taxes taken out. I know what it feels like to put money in the government’s pockets,” he said. “Young people should be getting into politics and things of this sort because whether or not [they realize it], it will affect them in the future.”

I know some 24 – 55 year olds who need to wake up and look at the political landscape too.

We also got this wonderful AFP story. Isn’t it just grand to the city of Obama in Japan really take to the Senator? I mean, they love the guy. One person gave him and 80% chance of becoming president. We even got to learn some cool trivia that will probably be a question on Jeopardy! next year:

Murakami sent a letter last year to Obama, enclosing a set of lacquer chopsticks, a famous product of this town on the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in Fukui prefecture‘s Wakasa region.

“I will present you the chopsticks of Wakasa paint and I am glad if you use it habitually,” Murakami said in the English-language letter. “I wish you the best of health and success.”

Murakami noted that Barack Obama’s birthday, August 4, happens to be “Chopsticks Day” in the city.

Ooh.  What a coinky-dink!

So take heart America! We only have 9 more months of this and as anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you, those 9 mos. just fly by. Sure, they’ll full of heartburn, constipation, gassiness, mood swings and the utter terror than that decision can haunt you for years, still in the end, it’s worth it.

Or something like that.


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