ELECTION ’08: More free ad space for Clinton

Well, once again MSNBC and CNN are both “blogging” a Clinton ad from WI. At least this time, MSNBC didn’t provide a transcript, just the ‘zing’ line. I guess it was because it was CNNs turn to run the transcript. And no, neither ran Obama’s WI ad. Oh.  Or his other ad.

I’m sorry Clinton supporters, exactly who is getting preferential treatment in the media?

That’s all…I’m not going to talk about moving goalposts or how sad it is that Clinton actually wasted money with this desperate ad instead of an ad that focuses on her strengths. Nope. Not at all.


2 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: More free ad space for Clinton

  1. Hey, she can make two 15 second ads, with the words “35 years of experience” and a photo of Bill.


    See, I didn’t almost major in advertising for nothing.


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