That crater was made by Limbaugh

Falling out of grace with Republicans.  I get that McCain’s wins and inevitability make Limbaugh even more irrelevant than he already is.  Personally, I think that people who willfully listen to and parrot Limbaugh shouldn’t be allowed around us normal people.  So, that should tell you how little I think of anything that comes out of Limbaugh’s blowhole.

What I did not expect is for people, Republicans, the media to turn against him.  After all no one told them what to think yet.  I’m addicted to editorial cartoons.  Most of the time they are poignant and get so much across with so few words.  Others are incredibly dumb.  That’s life, ya know?  But I was visiting Cagle’s site and you just have to flip through the editorial cartoons on Limbaugh.