You’ve gotta read MyDD

It’s official: Jerome Armstrong is a fucking joke. Alright, most of you know that I don’t think much of this person anyway, and I manage not to read anything he writes because it’s usually delusional and laughable, but you’ve gotta read his new post.

“Are you ready? Can you do it? A-breakitdown!”

I’d like to take my friend Markos at his word, that Obama is running a 50-state strategy.

“Take Markos at his word”?


You mean because you can’t see that Obama is running a 50 State Strategy? It is that unclear to you? He’s gone to states where other Democrats have never bothered to go. Is it so possible to just hate someone because of his race so much that you can’t even see when he’s doing something good?

I would expect that he shares the opinion that it applies not just to a presidential campaign, but also to the presidential nomination.

Duh! This is why Obama still has offices open not only in the states he’s won, but in the states he’s lost. Think on that for a moment.

Then it gets into RedState/LGF territory:

Rapid (sic) supporters may claim that I am saying Florida and Michigan should be counted because I’m a paid shill for Clinton, but besides getting handed a one-way ticket out of here, you’d also be wrong.

If you accuse Armstrong, rightfully of being a paid shill for the Clinton campaign, you get banned. ??? Banned? For stating something that is so obvious that only a dolt would believe any protestations? Why not just name the blog MyHRC and get it over with?

Armstrong then goes on to blame Obama and Edwards for adhering to their agreement to remove their names from the ballot in Michigan:

It has nothing to do with Clinton, and everything to do with the principle. In fact, if Obama hadn’t taken his name off the Michigan ballot, he probably would have won the state, as could have Edwards. The DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee made a bad move, so did the Obama campaign, but Michigan held their primary. That it wound up in Clinton’s favor is beside the point.

Savor the flavor of that spin. Tastes like shit don’t it?

Okay, I have to admit that I got this far down and had to stop reading because I was laughing too hard. Remember this is a blog where Michelle Malkin Taylor Marsh is actually a source, despite not having anything concrete or proven on her blog. Remember that. Remember that this is the blog where Susan Hu was allowed to decide that all of the race-baiting tactics of the Clinton’s was actually Obama’s fault. Because of a memo that Michelle Malkin Taylor Marsh says she got via email, with no proof it was tied to the Obama campaign.

He then goes on to state the rule of the DNCs and seating the delegates. Then really fancy, reality bending math gets involved. (Oh, I should mention here that since ’04, anything with numbers and Armstrong I take with a grain of salt and yes, that means the date too.) Armstrong states:

Here’s the state of the race that includes all 50 states:

Clinton leads Obama, 1127 to 1119, in pledged delegates.

Clinton leads Obama, 240 to 140, in super-delegates.

There are 393 remaining super-delegates.

There are 1301 remaining pledged delegates.

There are another 94 remaining delegates among the uncommitted, and John Edwards delegates.

Over at TPM Election Central we have this from the disingenious Greg Sargent:

CNN: Obama 1,215, Clinton 1,190

AP: Obama 1,223, Clinton 1,198

CBS: Obama 1,242, Clinton 1,175

ABC: Obama 1,232, Clinton 1,205

Hm. Maybe Armstrong is using Karl Rove’s ‘teh math’. Maybe that now he’s such a mover and shaker inside his own head the Democratic party, he knows more about these delegates than any of the news organizations and number crunchers. Actually it doesn’t matter as he says:

Now, these numbers might shift one way or the other if you subscribe to one or another’s of the MSM outlet’s projection. I go with GreenPapers and DemConWatch, for the delegate and superdelegate counts, because they are more credible in their documentation and transparency.

Ass. Covered.

But what is truly beautiful about this post is the completely laughable conclusion:

It’s not clear how this gets resolved. Obama can win this outright, but to do so through a tactical maneuver would be an illegitimate nomination.


Because apparently, now Armstrong wants with NH, IA and SC punished for–wait for it–voting early (I’m sorry about your monitor, mine’s still sticky from OJ all over it) or he wants FL or MI delegates to be seated, despite Clinton breaking the rules and agreements.

Oh. And we’re supposed to believe he’s not a paid shill for Clinton.



8 thoughts on “You’ve gotta read MyDD

  1. Hey Fabooj! Nice looking site. This piece is great… I really like your style of writing. Not to mention, that I agree with your conclusions whole heartedly.

    I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I will be back for some serious reading.


  2. Thanks…Stoller and Bowers made MyDD insufferable most of the time, but like DailyKos, instead of wasting my time on the FP, I went to the diaries for real substantive writing. Once. Stoller and Bowers started their own strokefest, I was able to wade back into the MyDD waters, but even then, the diaries were already somewhat weak and the FP became something of a joke to be forwarded among my friends.

    Hey, one more good thing that’ll come out of this campaign is that people are finally realizing how big a tools these BBB are and always have been. When they go around demanding proof from other diarists, then post bullshit entries with no more proof than, “I got word from someone on the inside.” it’s a joke. Man, I don’t know these people from Adam, but they laugh when the NYT does it and I’m supposed to turn a blind eye when they do it? Whatever.


  3. Savor the flavor of that spin. Tastes like shit don’t it?

    Faboo, OMG, I can’t br eathe. l a u g h i n g to h a r d.

    And yes, it did. Can’t get the taste out of my mouth.


  4. If you want to meet a crazy Clinton supporter Obama hata go to:

    This girl’s blog used to make sense until she lost her marbles!! She is getting creepier and creepier by the day. Her claims are bogus.


  5. Oh yeah, Rhonda…I’ve been reading that blog for a bit. It makes me laugh. There’s just so much unsubstantiated crap there. I call her the black Taylor Marsh.


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