Check my Spidey sense

Yesterday I did beautiful things to my front yard.  I planted canna and lily bulbs, trailing rosemary and seeds for chamomille, basil (lemon) , lavendar and forget-me-nots.  This was all in between, blogging, working and taking care of the kids.  By 5pm, I was tired. Wore out.

Later in the evening, I went outside for a quick smoke and to do a sudoku puzzle and thought that I should put stuff away.  In case it rains.  So, I started doing that and checked the forecast.  Ms.Worrywort.  There’s no rain in the forecast.  Sigh.  I don’t have to put everything away.

5:23am – I’m awoken to the sound of rain.  Groan.  No! Sit up.  Oh wait you put everything up.  Lie down.  Torrential downpour for a moment.  Bolt back up.  Except the cigarettes and puzzle book!

I’m feeling pretty good about myself if that’s the only thing I left out.  I even took the seeds back into the garage and when I was doing it I thought, “This is stupid, I’m going to want to use these tomorrow.”

You can call me spidey mama.