MSNBC = Free Ads for Clinton Network

FirstRead has done it again. They’ve posted another Clinton ad with transcript. That makes for the 3rd one this week. Please note that they have not posted video or transcripts for Obama, Huckabee or McCain, even though ads for those three candidates are available on their sites and YouTube.

UPDATE:  FirstRead finally posted an Obama ad.   Go on over and see it.  It’s regarding Clinton’s desperate plea for more free publicity debates.  Hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you go on and see all the wonderfully racists comments MSNBC also approved. Color me shocked.

Now, all they have to do is just post Obama’s other two ads, and the ones from McCain and Huckabee then maybe they’ll make back some bits of your credibility.  Or maybe they  can just gush some more over their Valentine’s Day gifts from Clinton.


7 thoughts on “MSNBC = Free Ads for Clinton Network

  1. I keep getting recorded calls to vote for McLame. Our primary is this Tuesday. Every time they call they keep comparing McLame to Reagoon. God if only I knew how to use photoshop. Picture if you will photoshopped McLame and Reagoon as zombies ; )

    And darn I just found out my vote for Obama doesn’t count as the Dems in this state ignore the primary vote and go only with the caucus results. That’s not real democracy they don’t consider shut ins and people who can’t get there.


  2. @WC – that is interesting. I hear they get a lot of stories scrapped.

    @Demeur – Are you in TX? I thought that they sat delegates half based on primary and half on caucuses.

    As for Zombie Reagan, my favorite from last summer is this one. I just about died when I first saw it right after the GOP debates in July. And then there’s this photo that always kills me. I haven’t seen one with McCain and Reagan, though.


  3. It’s only racist if black people do it. That’s the lesson of this election. Not that I didn’t know that anyway. MyDD is outraged and inflamed at all of the race games Obama is playing!

    What? Drug-dealer comment you say? Never heard of it?

    What? What’s the rest of that? Shuckin a jivin? Hillary didn’t say that and Jesse Jackson Jr. said “blah blah blah I’m a scary black guy blah blah blah”!!!


  4. Damned if you do…Reading that site, it seems that as a female, who is apparently brainwashed by our patriarchal society, I’m sexist for not voting for Clinton.

    As a black person MyDD and other liberal blogs tell me I’m racist for voting for Obama. Yet, for some reason it’s not racist for those white people to vote for the white candidate.

    I don’t even see how they make these arguments without their heads exploding.


  5. And faboo, aren’t you also an activist? LOL

    As for Texas, I believe the final delegate count is about 75% determined by the primary vote, and the rest is determined by first the local and then state conventions. I tried reading the rules a few days ago, and that did come close to making my head explode.


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