Say what?

File this under the And Cats and Dogs will Lie Down Together category:

ABC News’ Teddy Davis Reports: On Wednesday, a top adviser to John McCain said more definitively than he has in the past that he will step down from the Arizona senator’s presidential campaign if the presumed GOP nominee faces Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in the general election.

“I would simply be uncomfortable being in a campaign that would be inevitably attacking Barack Obama,” said McCain adviser Mark McKinnon in an interview with NPR’s “All Things Considered.”  “I think it would be uncomfortable for me, and I think it would be bad for the McCain campaign.” (Politcal Radar)

What kind of adviser is that?  That doesn’t even make sense.


6 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. I dare you… I even Tripple Dog Dare YOu

    Go read Obama’s website – and READ and digest his forieng policy positions ( yes… details… specifics… wow) and read his postitions on the issues.

    If you cannot figure it out by then.

    Sorry… can’t help you


  2. sorry… interpretation:

    The McCain advisor is simply pointing out that if he has to run aginst Obama… and all McCain can do is fire off negatives since he obvioulsy cannnot stand up in honest debate with the articulate young Senator – what’s the point.

    John McCain is a desent fellow but he is yesterday’s news and he is coddling the rightwingnuts of the republican party.

    Also – despite his experience in Vietnam – his lack of judgement with respect to Iraq is stunning.

    Now at the beginning before the Rumsfeld/Brhemmer/Bush/Cheney debacle or better yet… FIASCO …. McCain actually was thinking smartly and thought of employing the Powell doctrine of overhealming force and clear exit strategy.

    Now he is delusional wanting to fight an insurgent and counter insergent war for 100 years.

    He has dug himself a rightwingnut hole and they don’t even like him.

    The Obama landslide in the fall will likely match that of Reagan versus Carter or / Mondale.

    Why would you want to be a part of that history?

    The guy is simply smart.


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  4. Marty: You can copy the image, save it to your computer and upload it, then just code it to link to the BWB site like I did. Or you can go to the BWB site and see if they have the coding over there now. They didn’t when I first grabbed the badge.


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