Laugh of the day

I read this a yesterday and I’m still laughing.  Talk about chutzpah!  Sen. Clinton, one of the biggest Democratic poster children for special interests has decided to go after her campaign donors special interests.  Then she tried to call out Obama on his stupid nuclear energy bill:

“My opponent says that he’ll take on the special interests,” she said. “Well, he told people he stood up to the nuclear industry and passed a bill against them. But he actually let the nuclear industry water down his bill. The bill never actually passed.”

Clinton was referring to Exelon Corp., a Chicago-based energy giant and nuclear plant operator, whose executives and employees have contributed more than $200,000 to Obama’s campaigns since 2004. This month, The New York Times examined whether Obama, at the behest of Exelon lobbyists, had weakened legislation aimed at tightening regulations on the nuclear industry.

Pretty tough talk, huh? I wonder what the Obama campaign has to say about this charge?:

Barack Obama doesn’t need any lectures on special interests from the candidate who’s taken more money from Washington lobbyists than any Republican running for president,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton responded. He said Clinton had co-sponsored the nuclear regulatory legislation she now criticizes.

That’s a foot-in-the-ass response right there.

And I’m still laughing…wonder if the Clinton campaign still worries that Obama wouldn’t be able to handle Republicans in the general.

I guess this means that Clinton is going to go after special interests who don’t contribute to her campaign.


4 thoughts on “Laugh of the day

  1. Ohhhh….she got DISSED! I hope Clinton had her Nikes on, because beyatch got checked!! What a hypocrite! She is on a ship that is sinking fast, i wonder who else will jump ship..


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