A practically blog free day

That is, I didn’t blog here, though I’ve been all over the intertubes today.  I just needed to chill and digest some of the stuff I’ve been reading.  I would start writing a political post, only to wind up searching for gardening info, then don’t get me started on gadgets.  Ya’ll are lucky, I only bore you with the political crap.  I can talk some gadgets too.  There’s just too much drooling involved at time.

I spend another day in my garden, and it’s nice to see the changes happening so rapidly.  Today, I took cuttings from my succulents so I can put some in the front yard.  This should be interesting as far as water usage is concerned.  I still have no idea how I’m running my drip irrigation to the front part of the yard.

Man, today everyone was grilling something.  I went to the store and bought some chicken thinking, “Oh yeah, it’s grill time!”  When I went out to finally  got outside to get the grill going, you can just smell all the meats cooking around the neighbhorhood.  Music was bumpin’…it was like July, but colder!

I’m actually going to be able to participate in Weekly Winners tomorrow.  I can’t believe it!  At first, I didn’t remember it until Monday, then my camera battery died, then I just wasn’t really taking photos.  Well, I got photos and I’m gonna remember!