Weekly Winners 02.10 – 02.16


He said, “Mama!  Water wet!”  Gee.  Ya think?


Because…um…we all remember learning about the official…uh…Presidential Pork Race?

Bunny ears!

There is no such thing as too much cute.

Even ladybugs get zits.



Flower bracts are opening!


20 thoughts on “Weekly Winners 02.10 – 02.16

  1. Yes, those wonderful colors. I cannot wait. You obviously live somewhere very luscious. The kids are above and beyond too cute. Thanks for stopping by my site.


  2. I’m so glad you played! Your photos are beautiful… from the flowers to the gorgeous babies. The “no such thing as too much cute” photo melts me!

    And the funny in the porkchops (what in the world?) and the lady bug are great. 😀


  3. Thanks you all. I live in east Los Angeles and we’ve had some pretty high temps lately (mid-80s). We had a large amount of rain a few weeks ago and it’s really helped my garden green up.


  4. I love the flower shots, and you are right, that is a whole lotta cuteness you have there! Plus…”President’s Day Pork Chop?” That is really rather strange…


  5. He’s almost as tall as her, but it is the angle. She always bends over him and his head is so freakin’ huge that they look the same height in photos.


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