More old “attacks” from the Clinton’s

You know it’s a sad campaign that has to resort to bringing up an old attack that wasn’t even an attack in the first place.  The Clinton’s campaign has now decided to accuse Sen. Obama of stealing from Gov. Deval Patrick in his recent speech at the Wisconsin State Democratic Party dinner.  First off, they neglect to mention that Obama didn’t say anything he hadn’t said before, in fact IIRC correctly, he used that same phrasing in Sept. or Oct. of last year.  Secondly, this topic was brought up last April.  The Boston Globe wrote a story about it and everyone has gone on their way.  Desperate grasping at straws is all the Clinton’s campaign has and it’s just more than  little sad.


6 thoughts on “More old “attacks” from the Clinton’s

  1. Add this to the list of non-issues coming out of the Clinton campaign.

    It’s hard to call it stealing when you’ve been given full authorization to use it. Deval Patrick released a statement saying as much this morning. They went to law school together; they’re good friends and exchange ideas all the time.

    Also, in case you missed it, apparently Obama is a sexist:

    I really hope Obama wins. I can’t stand another 4-8 years of this type of nonsense!


  2. Oh that sexist thing…man those people are morons. I first heard about that on Friday at Booman and someone actually said:

    Booman, I might take your comment seriously if you hadn’t spent so much time making every syllable that the Clintons uttered racist.

    Talk about drama. That person was one of those people who said that black people were imagining things.

    Yeah. And now using the word “periodically” means you’re a misogynist. And we’re supposed to take these people seriously? In all fairness, Tapper quoted Michelle Malkin Taylor Marsh, so it’s not like he was using a reliable source or anything.


  3. LOL…I just saw that…I posted over at Booman about it too. It’s just odd because in the original Politico story we got:

    Clinton spokesman Phil Singer told me Monday he assumes the Obama campaign is going after delegates pledged to Clinton, though a senior Obama aide told me he knew of no such strategy.

    It seems to me, they put that out there, to make Obama look bad and give themselves some cover. The blogs have been going nuts over this all morning long.


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