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WASHINGTON – Barack Obama cruised past a fading Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday night, gaining the upper hand in a Democratic presidential race for the ages. (AP)


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  1. “fading”, I thought the exact same thing.

    A friend and I are now trying to put together a road trip to Ohio for the campaign. I want to bring a small group into Ashtabula (Finnish enclave on Lake Erie between Erie PA and Cleveland and 30 minutes north of Youngstown). Campaigns don’t normally canvass this area as they vote Dem and always have. I figure, this is exactly the area where we can boost turn out and do so for Obama. It’s also a place that is a good base of operations since it’s 45 minutes from Kent, 30 from Youngstown, 60 from Cleveland and only about 20 from Warren.

    I’m so excited right now about doing this road trip. Hope we can pull it off.


  2. Ooh! Good luck on the trip. I hope you can do it. Does Bendykid do political stuff with you? My daughter was so excited last night. It reminded me of when I got hooked on politics. I was the same age and just eager to see Jimmy Carter win. Anyway, my daughter was asking me if we could “do political stuff”. Actually, in her mind it has something to do with Chicago (YK was in Chicago and Obama is from Chicago), so maybe she just wants to go to Chicago. I told her that when Obama got the nomination in August, that we’ll spend the rest of the summer doing work for him.


  3. Bendykid (puffgirl) does do political stuff with me. In fact, at 14, she’s decided she wants to now start helping me do taxes (I volunteer in our old neighborhood). She’s been campaigning with me since she was 3. We’d canvass Parma for Dennis when I was managing a campaign office. In 2004, she went with me to Delaware in the snow and canvassed with me, until she fell asleep on the steps of a house we were canvassing. Apparently, she was very tired and she went to take a step and sort of just crumpled. Then she looked up at me and said that she’d fallen asleep. She’d pictured herself in her bed sleeping, and suddenly, she was laying on the steps looking up at me. I never took her canvassing again. Might take her to Cleveland if we go. Lots of things have to come together to make it happen, but the possibilities are pretty exciting!

    I highly recommend taking the kids canvassing sometime. I think it’s given my kid a different kind of perspective on the world as a whole. It’s probably very different from her friends and classmates. BTW, I think that’s a good thing.


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