ELECTION ’08: McCain and Obama projected winners in Wisconsin

Thanks Cheeseheads for not paying attention to the negatively lame attacks from the Clinton campaign.

Yes, so that makes it 9 for 9, Obama.

Numbers to come later. Eyes on Hawaii next.


Got MSNBC on an Chris Matthews must be off his meds. He’s talking “looking at the autopsy” and checking “the entrails of this campaign”.


2 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: McCain and Obama projected winners in Wisconsin

  1. Ooo..do NOT mention Tweety!! I was so so angry at him and the way he chewed on the state senator from Texas. It was a damn good thing it was time to switch to the banality of American Idol because my blood pressure was boiling.


  2. You know what, Watson should have had his shit down though. I can’t believe that his office nor the Obama campaign did any media prep with him on that. At this point in the game, any superdelegate that gets up there, should be able to just spout off Obama’s legislation and positions.

    Yeah, Matthews was rude, but that guy looked stupid. He couldn’t name one thing? At all? Mind-boggling.


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