Gallup poll – Feb. 19th

I usually don’t put much stock in these polls, but I do pay attention to them. Does that even make sense? Ha! Gallup just released their new poll and Clinton is taking a hit in her core base:

Middle-aged voters

In the Feb. 5-9 period, Clinton led among Democratic voters aged 35 to 54 by a 49% to 42% margin. Now, Obama is the leader among this group by 51% to 42%.

Female voters

In the days immediately after Super Tuesday, Clinton rebuilt her lead among women, enjoying a 53% to 38% lead in the Feb. 5-9 polling. But her gender advantage has once again dissipated, and in the latest data, female Democratic voters are about as likely to say they prefer Obama (45%) as Clinton (46%).


In the Feb. 5-9 data, Clinton led Obama by nearly 2-to-1, 63%-32%, among Hispanic Democratic voters. In the most recent polling, the two are essentially tied among this constituency, with 50% preferring Obama and 46% Clinton.

Wait…did you read that? Clinton went from a 31pt. lead among Latinos to down 4pts. In two weeks. Meanwhile, the TV tells America that Latinos just love them some Clinton and are guanranteed to overwhelmingly vote for her in the remaining states.

A summary from Gallup:

  • Obama has further expanded his dominant positioning among black Democrats.
  • Both candidates have maintained their leads among their core supporters by education — Clinton among those with less formal education and Obama among college graduates. The middle group of those who attended college but did not graduate shows movement toward Obama in the latest polling.
  • Married Democratic voters have shifted from a Clinton-leaning to an Obama-leaning group.
  • Clinton’s leads among Democrats in the Northeast and West have dissipated.

In their nightly tracking poll however, Clinton is now only one pt. behind Obama, coming from a 7pt. deficit just a few days ago.

Hillary Clinton has rebounded among Democrats in the Gallup Poll Daily tracking average for Feb. 16-18. She is now at 45% to Barack Obama’s 46%.

I guess that means we’ll have to endure more nasty and pointless attacks from the Clinton’s campaign, since they tend to run with what they know.


3 thoughts on “Gallup poll – Feb. 19th

  1. The Clintons better walk a fine line, because some of their mess is back-firing and they can’t afford the “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” strategies. It is getting tight and with some of the Congressional Black Caucus members finally starting to listen to their constituencies they have to cover their asses BIG TIME!


  2. The real question for me is if HRC’s BS works how many folks will sit this one out even if that might not be the best thing to do.


  3. Just from the sheer dismissiveness of her campaign, I’ve so many people say that they’d not vote for her if she’s the nominee. It would probably be one of those things where she could quite possibly get way less votes than Dems. downticket.


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