Clinton = Lieberman

Everyone in the liberal blogosphere is talking about Lanny Davis’ statement that The New Republic posted today:

Clinton flack Lanny Davis just explained on Fox News that Barack Obama is like Ned Lamont (who, whatever you think of him, won that Democratic Senate primary), and Hillary Clinton is like Joe Lieberman (who, whatever you think of him, refused to abide by the primary result, ran and won as an independent with massive GOP support, and has subsequently endorsed John McCain). Lest anyone miss his meaning, Davis noted that he had been a devout Lieberman booster.

Will Clinton run as a Republican-friendly independent if she fails to get the nomination? Of course not. But that’s the scenario Davis has gone out of his way to sketch metaphorically. That’s the way to help Clinton get the Democratic nomination.

I don’t care what Orr says, I believe that Davis put out this analogy as a clue that Clinton just may run as an independent if she doesn’t get the nod.   I don’t think this was a threat, I think it was a bread crumb.