ELECTION ’08: Obama goes 10 for 10

You can add Hawai’i to the list of states that Obama has won since Feb. 9th. No one else has called it for Obama (’cause they’re all wussies who probably went to sleep), but I am:

10:05 p.m. Votes Percent
CLINTON 1,875 25%
OBAMA 5,436 74%
Preliminary results

(The Honolulu Advertiser)

I guess this means that Hawai’i doesn’t count in the Clinton’s world either.


Watch for this spin from the Clinton’s campaign…

Barack Obama 645,554 58% 40
Hillary Clinton 452,590 41% 28

Wisconsin is the first state since Super Tuesday (Feb. 5th) where the Clinton’s broke 40%. They’re actually happy about that and are using that as a marker that people are finally backing them AND that going negative helps.

Who am I to mess with peoples delusions?