Let the swift-boating* begin!

Via TPM, I learned that a new 527 group has been formed by pro-Clinton supporters. Their goal is to help a sista out and spread lies about Obama in Ohio…an beyond-yond-yond-yond: I bet you’re dying to know who these people are:

The organizers include: Jason Kinney, a former speechwriter for Gray Davis; Mattis Goldman, a former ad man for Antonio Villaraigosa and Sherrod Brown; Erick Mullen, a political consultant whose clientele has included Wesley Clark, Bill Bradley and Chuck Schumer; Paul Rivera, a senior adviser to the Kerry-Edwards campaign (ed. note – Rivera worked for some WH personnel from ’94 – ’00); and Roger Salazar, an assistant press secretary in the Bill Clinton White House.

They even went and got an ad up and going already. Pretty fast boys, eh?

*Yes, I know that Sen. Obama wasn’t on a Swift Boat, so don’t be smart ass. You know that the term has enter our lexicon to mean a 527 group formed by undisclosed millionaires to spread lies about a political opponent.


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