Obama’s Wisconsin Victory Speech

This was in Houston, Texas. He spoke for a long time, so this is a two-parter:


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Wisconsin Victory Speech

  1. I’m finally starting to hear some people ask the question outright: What if the roles were reversed?

    They asked that question on Morning Joe and answered it honestly. If the roles were reversed, Obama would be getting the “Huckabee” treatment.

    They noticed that, ironically, despite constant complaints of media bias from the Clintons, it is the MEDIA that is actually keeping her campaign alive. It’s the MEDIA that allows her to keep moving the goal posts.

    Let’s hope other media outlets start to realize this.

    As for Obama: It’s time to close the deal. They will throw everything they can possibly think of at him. He can’t give one inch to these people. Obama can end this thing on March 4th!!!

    Obama ’08!


  2. Well it’s about time, no? The only thing keeping Sen. Clinton in the news is that fact that she was First Lady. I think last night was a turning point. You can’t lose 10 races in a row and expect the media to hang on your every word. Especially when you had already released that speech earlier in the day.

    I’ve been so annoyed going to CNN or MSNBC and watching them bend over backwards to prop up Clinton. Last night, CNNs Political Ticker posted video of McCain and Clinton’s speech. There wasn’t a post on Obama’s speech until almost 3 hours after he gave it and they bumped a story about Clinton’s speech over it.

    As I’ve been noting, both of them are running her ads for free online. If there was a critique and the other candidates were getting free ads, I wouldn’t have a problem. Nope. We get a transcript.

    Sen. Clinton keeps releasing the same lies disguised as attacks. These lies were debunked back in New Hampshire and she’s still doing it. The media plays along and doesn’t say, “Well, she pulled this same exact stunt in NW and we debunked it then.”

    Ah…yeah, she’s lucky she is who she is. Bill Clinton is lucky that just for the fact he’s the last Democratic president, the media is still giving him play. It’s at the point now, were even her psychotic blogging supporters in the liberal blogosphere are ready to jump ship. It’s clear this race isn’t about them trying to better America, it’s just about them.


  3. I agree with both of you 100%. Any other scenario after all those very lopsided victories and the media would be doing the slam dunk dance and declaring the losing candidate dead in the water.


  4. ” psychotic blogging supporters in the liberal blogosphere” Faboo…you can coin a phrase and thanks for keeping this so up to date. It can’t be easy as it is maddening to see her go after someone in her own party.


  5. fraz…it is maddening. Not unexpected because even last spring we were talking about when, not if, the Clinton’s would use GOP tactics against a fellow Democrat. That started in the late summer, somewhat tapered off and have been going full bore for the past 3 months.

    You read places like MyDD or TalkLeft, those clowns are whining about Obama using GOP talking points, while the Clinton’s are using Rove’s handbook. These people accuse Bush supporters of being blind followers, accuse Obama supporters of being “cultish” (another meme spread by the Clinton campaign, btw), yet any time someone states a fact of something that the Clinton campaign has done, they call it a smear. You go online and see these Clinton supporters say that Obama supporters are stupid, crazy or whatever. They insult us. Then they have the nerve to tell us that we’re hateful. Huh? We’re expected to believe that they’re reality-based?

    They ignore the fact that for many people (like myself or Edwards supporters) Obama was a very distant 2nd choice. So, there’s no blind loyalty here. We are fully aware of Obama’s faults and weaknesses. And because we did our research before lining up with Obama, I think we’re standing on more solid footing than those who lined up behind the Clinton’s because they have some preconceived notion that we can return to the delusional and divisive 90s.

    I’m sorry they are upset that someone else is apparently usurping Hillary’s right to the crown, but last I checked, this was America. And if I hear one more person say that “Obama should wait his turn” or “Women got the right to vote after black men, so it’s only fair we get the presidency first.” I’m going to fucking scream.

    um…sorry about the rant.


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