Will Clinton threaten to shun Fox?

h/t ThinkProgress

But Frank, if she has tried that to little avail in the campaign thus far and she’s trying to run away from this tough, kind of bitchy image that her critics claim that she has, wouldn’t that reinforce that image and actually help Barack Obama? In other words, isn’t she between kind of like a rock and a hard place?

~Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News ‘

Go to Media Matters to read even more ugliness.

Considering the brave stands Sen. Clinton has taken against the Republicans in Congress, it’s safe to say that she’ll be beaming that fake smile on Fox really, really soon. Even though Fox has a 16 year pattern of calling her bitch, and saying truly horrible about her daughter, I really doubt Sen. Clinton is going to be writing letters to Fox asking for (and receiving!) on-air apologies. Which all goes to show how selective and misguided her little temper tantrums really are.


2 thoughts on “Will Clinton threaten to shun Fox?

  1. Nice choice of words from Bill-O.

    I’m also still waiting to read all of the angry posts about this from the so-called feminists who were just pissed off that Obama used the word ‘periodically’. I mean, having someone like Cavuto talking on a business show calling a former First Lady ‘bitchy’ is pretty damn sexist in my book. Yet, I am hearing nothing from those Clinton supporters who were whining at how sexist “the claws come out” is. Where’s Tapper’s piece on this? Where’s the TalkLeft or MyDD piece? Where is Michelle Malkin Taylor Marsh or Susan Hu?


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