Another Clinton supporter who must hate Clinton

And you.

There is no excuse for this.  This is actually worse than that Jackson 5 rip off I posted last week.


6 thoughts on “Another Clinton supporter who must hate Clinton

  1. Did you notice how all the comments are “I LUV Hillary!”? 7K+ views, 30 comments, 1 star. My husband tried to comment, but it wouldn’t let him.


  2. There is definitely a race to the bottom with these HRC videos. A better singer might have made this one tolerable.


  3. Thank You! Oh my God. I was sitting here getting all wound up about Texas and Ohio–far too upset about this whole thing. And then I saw this monstrosity and howled. Thank you a hundred times! I wouldn’t be surprised if her campaign used this as their next song. Then again, seeing as her campaign is now ALL about ragging about Obama, this probably wouldn’t fit the bill.

    Oh, and for ripping-off Laverne & Shirley, insert plagiarism joke here:____________________________________________________


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