We just got a letter! We just got a letter!

I wonder who it’s from?

Baratunde just posted an interesting letter from Paul Newell, who is running for New York State Assembly.  Part of the letter reads:

After Senator Obama’s 10 straight wins this month, no realistic path remains for you to win the nomination without thwarting the clearly expressed preference of Democratic primary voters. While it is clearly your “right” to continue this debate until the convention, as a New Yorker and a Democrat I ask you to withdraw.

The campaign has become increasingly negative. I fear that you are permanently damaging your relationship with Senator Obama, the likely nominee of our party, and the likely next President of the United States.

You need to click the link to read the rest of this respectful request.  I also agree that it reminds me of Queen of Spain‘s recent entry:

Enter the Senator from Illinois, and what I think could be your true legacy. If you were to step aside now, shockingly early and shockingly un-Hilllary-like, you could galvanize an entire nation behind your party. If you were to throw your weight, and your tremendous political clout behind Senator Obama you could still change the world and make your mark in a way no one would expect and everyone would admire.

I don’t want to see you throw in the towel because the fight is too hard or the mountain too tall. I am asking you to throw it in because history is on the line. It is not the history either of us expected, however it is an equally important, momentous, earthshaking change in this country we sorely need.

Do something no one would ever expect. Do something extraordinary. Do something that changes politics as usual and changes history.

If you haven’t already, you should read Queen of Spain’s full post.  I don’t fully agree with everything there, but it seems as if she’s given it thought, as opposed to leading with her heart or her gut.