Feingold voted for Obama

Pass the smelling salts!

We need a glass of water!

Let her have some air!

I’m okay!

I had a daydream where I thought Sen. Russ Feingold voted for Obama in the Wisconsin Primary.  Yeah, I thought I read that at TPM.

What?  I did?

Sen. Russ Feingold said today that he voted for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in this week’s Wisconsin primary and indicated that he likely will vote for Obama’s nomination as one of the state’s “superdelegates” to the Democratic convention this summer.

“I really do think that at the gut level, this is a chance to do something special” for the nation, Feingold said, adding that electing Obama represents “an enormous historical opportunity for America and for our relationship with the world.” (madison.com)


Dammit.  I keep doing that this campaign season.  It’s embarrassing, I tell ya.

Feingold said that after watching Thursday night’s debate he could see “for the first time” the possibility of Clinton as a possible running mate with Obama. But said he would prefer someone like former Sen. George Mitchell, who is considered an expert on foreign policy.




2 thoughts on “Feingold voted for Obama

  1. Sister,

    This is the craziest elections season..ok they all are crazy, this one is just charged with a lot of other stuff that well, frankly past elections didn’t have. Just breathe and keep following along. We have a ways to go still and we haven’t even seen the real clowns show their asses yet. Hold tight there’s more to come. I’d bet my tax return on it..oh right I need to put that into the economy…Can you say new stove/roof/car/ whatever as long as it is spent in a big box retail place. (sigh) (Hysterical screaming)


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