Weekly Winners 02.17 – 02.23

Find more photos from participants at SarcasticMom the creator of Weekly Winners.

The lunar eclipse on Feb. 20th

The clouds coming in over the foothills (Glendale, CA).

The kids on a rock in front of a lake.

The bad influence of Yo Gabba Gabba!

He’s saying, “I’m not eating the crayons!”

Gosh, I knew that Mark Warner t-shirt from Vegas would come in handy one of these days.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Winners 02.17 – 02.23

  1. Cute kids! I really like the storm shot!
    I had a lot of fun photographing the eclipse as well, I must of been out there for an hour messing around with settings and tri-pods!!
    I am glad it wasn’t just me!!


  2. @wineymomma: OMG…we can’t do a single thing in this house without singing something like that. Last night while my husband made dinner it was cookycookcookcookcookcook and I was doing laundry washywashwashwashwashwash. Gah! Driveydrivedrivedrivedrivedrive…

    Yeah, it goes on.

    To everyone else, thanks for the compliments.


  3. Great pictures! Your eclipse shot beats the crap out of mine, but I won points for bravery, taking pictures outside with -14C.

    Great post today, thanks for visiting mine as well.

    Happy WW day!


  4. Thanks for your kind comments. I’m just now getting caught up, but I really *love* the picture of the clouds coming in. The colors are awesome. Of course the eclipse and adorable kids are definite winners, too!


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