Shorter Hillary Clinton: Let’s mock hope!

Now you know it’s bad if I’m willingly linking to huffpost, but here it is.

That’s right. What you just saw was a bitter and sad woman, not only spreading her campaign’s smear of the Obama campaign as a cult, but mocking those who hope and wish for a better day. This is a person, who wants those of us supporting Obama right now to vote for her. And she pulls this shit?

Okay, granted the Clinton’s campaign has already written off future supporters who happen to be black, activists, caucu-goers or residents of the states she lost (that would almost half the United States so far). So how does it make sense to attack the remaining people she hasn’t insulted? Yet.

This came the day after channeling Lynne Cheney’s fake outrage on two week old mailers sent from the Obama campaign? I know you saw that video? You squirmed because it was embarrassing to see a sitting Senator and former First Lady throw a public tantrum on stuff that is true. Just like when Lynne Cheney said that John Edwards was a “bad man” for mentioning that her daughter is a lesbian. Which is true.

Now, one reason I say that Clinton pulled a Cheney is that the media led you to believe that Clinton’s outburst was during a rally in Ohio. I thought it odd that you didn’t see the 50 middle-aged white women and 2 black guys behind her, so I doubted it was during a rally. Turns out it wasn’t.

Clinton made her remarks to a cluster of reporters as the crowd dispersed from a rally at an Ohio college gymnasium. Waving the mailings and raising her voice, Clinton accused the Illinois senator of “perpetuating falsehoods.”

If she was really that upset, why didn’t she mention it during the rally?

Here’s Clinton’s outburst where she denigrates speeches and rallies (and pretends like she and John Edwards were on the same page all along):

Here is Obama’s response.

Now which would you rather have in the Oval Office?

What impressed me the most was that Obama could have mentioned the Clinton campaign last minute mailers in NH, MA and WI. The ones on right-to-choose where the campaign lied to the IL chapter of NOW about Sen. Obama’s votes in the IL State Senate to get them to endorse her. The IL chapter of Planned Parenthood has explained those votes and the arrangement with Sen. Obama, but the Clinton campaign continues to send out mailers debunked after New Hampshire.

From the Carbetbagger Report:

The Clinton attack that Obama is being dishonest in calling his plan universal is also itself dishonest if they consider Clinton’s plan to be universal. Incidentally, mailers like this have become quite common this election year. They include mailers which lied about Obama’s position on Social Security and mailers which distorted Obama’s views on abortion rights leading Lorna Brett Howard, the former President of Chicago NOW, to drop her support for Clinton and back Obama. I hope everyone has checked out the videos from Howard and why she supports Obama. Another video everyone should see which compares the two candidates was made by Lawrence Lessig, with both video and transcript here.

If the Clinton’s want to run on this boneheaded healthcare issue that’s fine, but don’t pretend that it’s outrageous when your candidate uses your words to make his point. Don’t pretend like there’s anything untruthful in there, when it’s the words you’ve said and several people have debunked them over the course of the last 5 weeks. But more importantly, you’ve compared Sen. Obama to George Bush and now to Karl Rove. Your fake outrage is pathetic and insulting.


8 thoughts on “Shorter Hillary Clinton: Let’s mock hope!

  1. Great analysis!

    Not quite a year ago, I had a discussion with a few friends about when Hillary would snap, lose the veneer of control, and show her true nature. The “shame on you” hissy fit came close to that moment, and maybe this bullshit was that moment–but I think there is a bigger meltdown to come.

    Even if there is not, I hope that these incidents snap more people into reality.


  2. I keep seeing a future Hillary ala Jim Morrisson of the doors. Some drunken, bitter woman in Senate just yelling out orders doing everything in her power to undermine an Obama presidency. If he gets the nomination and wins, it should be interesting to watch the faction in the Democratic party play out. I wonder how many of these Senators and Congresspeople will maintain their loyalty if Clinton loses.


  3. Love your voice on this blog…would love to chat with you about blogging for a women’s site where we have multiple bloggers talking about everything from fashion to travel…need a blogger to talk about the political scene.

    Will chat with you more about this if you are interested.




  4. We need to keep and eye out for the DLC. They seem to want to have Hillary in office. As for the mailers you can see a copy of them at the Ohiodailyblog. I have the Nafda mailer on my blog. Nothing untrue there that I could see. We all knew Hillary was a cheerleader for nafda.
    Good post here Faboo.


  5. Sorry for the long post, but I just saw something that’s driving me crazy.

    OMG!?!? The media is actually giving Hillary positive press for her tantrums over the weekend.

    I’m not kidding. They’re spinning it as a rallying cry for feminists. Taking lead from Tina Fey’s sketch on SNL, her tantrum is somehow being spun into an ownership of the word, “bi*ch.” You have people on tv talking about the double standards that women face in politics (i.e., men are assertive and women are bi*ches).

    Now, I won’t deny that women face double standards. And I know that there is some truth in that analysis. But this is not Jane Doe, this is Hillary Clinton. The media is doing nothing but excusing her behavior.

    Guess what, that “double standard” theory doesn’t fly when her opponent has gone out of his way to be as respectful as he possibly can towards her (despite her repeated attacks). I could see if she was running against some sexist prick. But she’s not. Yet she wants to take her anger at the media and re-direct it towards Obama and his success?

    Why doesn’t the media focus it’s attention on how disrespectful she has been towards him? She won’t acknowledge his victories; she mocks his message; she scolds his supporters; she calls him an empty suit; she calls his words, “cheap,” and his hope, “false.” The list goes on and on.

    I don’t care if she’s a woman, man or whatever . . . when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

    “Shame on you Barack Obama”?!?!?! Who the hell is she to talk to him like he’s some 4 year old? This ain’t pre-school and her condescending attitude is getting real tired, real fast.

    Senator Obama is a grown a*s man. He’s just as accomplished as she is, yet she wants to go around the country and call him some naive rookie??? She dismisses his supporters and ignores the impact that he has had.

    It’s never good enough. He can win 11 straight states by an average of 33%, but it’s still NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! He can expand the Democratic party by bringing in Independents, cross-over Republicans and first-time voters, but it’s NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! He can draw crowds of 20,000 but it’s NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! He can win more states (24 to 11), have a commanding lead in Pledged delegates, have a strong lead in the popular vote . . . but it’s still NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!

    No. We still have to hear the media talk about a Clinton comeback, even when the MATH says it’s highly unlikely.

    She needs to stop making excuses. She needs to recognize that (beleive it or not) this brotha is just doing a better job at reaching the voters than she is. Plain and simple.

    Her stunts are going to backfire on her. It has nothing to do with being a man or woman. Democratic primary voters don’t like negative politics . . . it’s as simple as that.

    You know, I’d love to see the press give Obama as much room to be a stereotypical black man as they give Clinton to be a stereotypical woman. I’d love to see Obama get the opportunity to go straight up gangsta and show his a*s! But we all know that would never happen. The second he shows ANY aggression whatsoever, is the moment people see him as the “angry black man.”

    This goes to show that there are differences in how the media treats race and gender. I’m not saying that they’re better or worse, just different. I’m just gonna say it. This country has an instinct to protect white women. Hillary gets her feelings hurt and voters rush to her aide. She throws a fit and we make excuses because, after all, we can’t forget those double standards, right?

    Yet, at the same time, we have an instinct to FEAR black men.

    Tell me, what would happen if Obama went on a tirade against Hillary, like she’s done over the weekend??? What would happen if he (gasp) raised his voice to this white woman? What would happen if he spent all of his time talking about the “white man,” the way Hillary talks about the “boys club?”

    Rick Lazio, a white man, found out when he “invaded her personal space.” If he took the fall, you can imagine what would happen to Obama’s black a*s the second he steps out of line.

    Hillary faces a lot of obstacles through sexism, no doubt. But there are moments where she benefits as well. There are moments where she has the luxury to portray herself as the victim to garner sympathy from voters and the media. There are moments where she can, as Melissa Harris-Lacewell (a black woman, professor) notes, slip in and out of her “Scarlett O’Hara” routine. It’s a prime example of how mainstream media discusses gender bias without recognizing the white privilege that often comes with it.

    You want to talk about double standards? Obama has run his campaign under the interrogation of white approval ever since he made that speech at the DNC in 2004. He knows he can’t do or say certain things because he can’t afford to make white folk uncomfortable, especially when running against a white woman.

    Trust me, we all know the routine. Smile . . . show your teeth . . . get that base out of your voice . . . don’t look them straight in the eye . . . don’t show emotion . . . make them comfortable and they might call you one of “those good black people,” and throw you a few crumbs.

    Once again, I know that we have to fight sexism as vigorously as we fight racism. But I also know that there are millions of “oppressed” white women who would never trade places with my black a*s. That same “oppressed” white woman has been quick to clutch her purse and call the cops when she sees me in her neighborhood after 8:00pm.

    So to the media: Fine, point out the double standards. But don’t make excuses for Hillary’s poor and divisive behavior. And don’t pretend like Obama doesn’t walk a tight rope everyday as well.

    Obama caught hell just for saying, “you’re likeable, enough” because people didn’t like the tone of his voice. He caught hell for the “snub” because he happened to be talking to someone else when she came by. I swear, I almost fell out of my chair late last week when I heard a pundit criticize Obama for WRITING ON HIS NOTEPAD while Hillary spoke at the debate. I guess he was being disrespectful because he wasn’t looking at her when she talked. Give me a break!

    I can’t make this any clearer. Obama has to RUN AWAY from issues of race for fear of being labled the “black candidate.” It’s the only way he can win. Yet, Hillary gets to embrace “girl power” in ways Obama could NEVER embrace “black power.” Now you’ve got Tina Fey saying “Bi*ch is the new black.” WTF does that mean?

    Some see Hillary as a victim. But some of us also know what discrimination is. And for a lot of us, we see Hillary as a grown a*s woman who knows exactly what she’s doing. She conveniently plays off of gender oppression and white privelege every chance she gets.

    Some of us don’t see her as a victim, and never have. What we see is a privileged person who thought the white house was her entitlement. And she can’t stand the fact that this uppity negroe didn’t wait his turn in line.

    But the media keeps falling for her BS. The narrative remains the same . . . everything goes back to “POOR HILLARY”


  6. @b-serious. awesome post man and you saved me from having to post it myself. This isn’t anything I would disagree with. I’m sick and tired of hearing people say that Clinton doesn’t get a fair shake. Puh-lease. The only reason the media is still paying attention to her is that she’s a Former First Lady. Anyone else would be have been given the Kucinich treatment weeks ago.

    She abuses her white privilege and the power of the pussy all the time. But these past few days have been ridiculous. And you’re right, if Obama decided to show some flava all these same people who are propping Clinton up, would be just aghast at Obama’s behaviour. Every black professional in this country knows it, man or woman.


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