ELECTION ’08: Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro speaks out

And in keeping in line with the Clinton’s insulting voters at every turn, superdelegate, Ms. Ferraro tells us that voters don’t represent rank-and-file Democrats:

Besides, the delegate totals from primaries and caucuses do not necessarily reflect the will of rank-and-file Democrats. Most Democrats have not been heard from at the polls. We have all been impressed by the turnout for this year’s primaries — clearly both candidates have excited and engaged the party’s membership — but, even so, turnout for primaries and caucuses is notoriously low. It would be shocking if 30 percent of registered Democrats have participated.

You’re looking a little green. Go ahead and spit out that bile in your mouth. I know how it is. It’s kind of sad that a former Vice Presidential candidate went that far. That with record turnout at the polls and at caucuses, Ferraro had decided that dismissing all those people participating in democracy was a good idea. This goes to show that Team Clinton really did expect a coronation. Like it’s the voters or Barack Obama’s fault the Clinton’s can’t run a national campaign.

The focus of Ferraro’s op-ed is that only the superdelegates know what’s best for the party. That’s why they’re super, thanks for asking…

But the superdelegates were created to lead, not to follow. They were, and are, expected to determine what is best for our party and best for the country. I would hope that is why many superdelegates have already chosen a candidate to support.

Wouldn’t you just love to hear the explanation as to why these supers haven’t found it fit to lead these last 16 years. Why they felt rolling over for the GOP was better than leading. Why they were so scared that the infantile infotainment channels might say something mean about them? Oh wait, it was the voters who were clamoring at these guys not to rubberstamp an illegal war the PATRIOT ACT, NCLB, the FISA bill, torture or the bankruptcy bill. It’s so heartening to know these superdelegates lead us right down the drain with their special brand of leadership. Since I can’t quite remember Geraldine Ferraro standing up for our democracy and country then, I can only wonder why she feels the need to inject herself right now.

We can add Geraldine Ferraro into the long list of Clinton backers who now want to change the rules midgame. Now, it’s a problem that Republicans and independents are voting in our primaries. A more optimistic person would be thrilled. They’d say, “Wow, look at all these people switching over. We should do something to engage and keep them.” The Clinton’s camp looks at them as more people who’d muddy up their flowcharts and focus-tested phrases, making them pay Mark Penn even more money for his microtrends.

Perhaps because I have endorsed Mrs. Clinton, I have noticed that most of the people complaining about the influence of the superdelegates are supporters of Mr. Obama. I can’t help thinking that their problem with the superdelegates may not be that they’re “unrepresentative,” but rather that they are perceived as disproportionately likely to support Mrs. Clinton.

And I am watching, with great disappointment, people whom I respect in the Congress who endorsed Hillary Clinton — I assume because she was the leader they felt could best represent the party and lead the country — now switching to Barack Obama with the excuse that their constituents have spoken.

Yeah, uh…because, why should they start representing their constituents now when they’ve managed not to do that the last 16 years, right? Naturally, Ferraro’s piece devolves into Team Clinton’t usual bleating about seating Florida and Michigan delegates. Naturally, Ferraro’s piece manages to not mention that Clinton had signed an agreement saying her name would be removed from the ballot, but Ms. Ready from Day One managed to forget to do it.

I’m tired ya’ll…this race shouldn’t be this hard. I never thought that I’d see a former First Lady or a sitting Senator use race-baiting and xenophobic tactics on a member of the same party. I never thought I’d see a former First Lady or a sitting Senator decided that voters in 24 states, black voters, activist and caucus-goers aren’t part of the electorate, that those groups don’t count. I never thought I’d see a former First Lady or a sitting Senator accuse an opponents supporters (over 10M people!) of being delusional for supporting him. I never thought I’d see a former First Lady or a sitting Senator who did not stand up to be counted when an election was being stolen, sit here and try to undermine the democratic process of voting.  But what I really can’t wrap my head around, is that I never thought I’d see a former president, a former vice presidential candidate, Senators, Governor and Congresspeople, acting like this presidency was an entitlement that Clinton deserved. I never thought that I’d see these elected Democratic officials doing their damnedest to undermine the Democratic Party and democracy as a whole.


6 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro speaks out

  1. This is just un-freaking-believable. In some ways, I guess I should not be mad. After all, I am not an activist, I am not black, I did not and will not participate in a caucus, I am not “establishment,” I am not part of the “elite,” and I have not yet voted. In other words, I am not currently part of any group that Hillary, Hillary’s campaign, or any of her arrogant surrogates like Ferraro have attacked and called irrelevant, stupid, and insignificant.

    However, since I will be voting in Texas on March 4 and I will be voting for Obama, I can consider myself attacked.

    And thus, I feel just fine telling Geraldine Ferraro to go fuck herself.

    Sorry for the profanity, but I just can’t hold back anymore.


  2. See, I got three going on, though I’m falling down on the activist front, I’m still black (no changing that!) and I’ve voted for Obama. I was born in Missouri so that state doesn’t count, yet I live in a CA a state that does count.

    I can’t believe these people are willing to say that the voting process is undemocratic because another candidate won almost half the country so far.


  3. I’ll admit, Obama was my second choice (after Edwards), but I’ll be happy with him topping the ticket.

    Anyway, I’m a guy, so… is it w0rNg for me to refer to Ferraro as a douche?


  4. Given Clinton’s refusal to admonish Geraldine’s comments denegrading Obama’s achievements contrasted with Obama’s overwhelming success among all races of voters goes to show that the Clintons are the only racists left in America.


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