Media fairness?

Gag me.  I just read a post from Wolf Blitzer who seems suddenly overly concerned about media fairness in regards to candidate time.

With Ralph Nader now in the presidential race, there’s a serious question those of us in the news media have to ask: How much air time do we give him?

Are you serious Wolf?  How much time?  How about none?  None would have been good.  My response I posted, but probably won’t get out of “awaiting moderation”:

How about giving him as much air time as you give Rep. Ron Paul or Mike Gravel? Or as much time as you gave Rep. Kucinich, Rep. Hunter and Sen. Dodd or Sen. Biden? Already, the media has decided to collectively ignore Gov. Huckabee, yet for whatever reason, you’ll still paying attention to Sen. Clinton, who’s won only 3 more states than Huckabee did.

Why are you pretending to care about fairness?

This is a station that decided to eleminate half the Democratic candidates that were still running from debates after the middle of January.  We’re supposed to think they care about fairness?  Remember that they let Giuliani stay on the debates, while they tried to kick Ron Paul off?  Despite the fact that Paul had raised more money and got more votes than Giuliani did.

And now we have a guy who’s running for president for the 5th time.  In 2004, he got a little over 436K votes out of 122M votes casts, in 2000 he got 1.3M votes.  This is a viable candidate?  I can guarantee that if I decided to run for president today, I won’t have 15 minutes with Tim Russert to announce.  I can also guarantee that if I decided to run for president today I could probably get more than 436K votes.

I get that CNN gives into nutter egomaniacs, I do.  After all this is a station that not only has egomaniacs, but they’re racists too (and note, I’m not even going to mention the gambling drunks they have). But don’t insult my intelligence and pretend that you care about fairness in the media.  That’s a stinkin’ load.


3 thoughts on “Media fairness?

  1. I won’t even get into the lunacy that is Ralph Nader’s run for president but I will tell you that in my house the only “fair” that exists is the one that comes to Dallas every year where you ride the Ferris Wheel,play games and eat junk,that would be the State Fair. Perhaps if grownups could get the f over themselves and realize that life isn’t fair(nor should it be if you are an irrelevant old guy with too much free time) and quit reducing all of life to a sound bite instead of using common sense,the world would be a much better place.


  2. PS If you ever want to hear some good stories about the “fairness” at CNN I’ll be happy to oblige,my Dad was an international news correspondent there for many years prior to retiring in the late 90’s,stellar group of individuals…


  3. I can only imagine the stories. I have a few friends who work at CNN now and some who worked there in the mid-late 90s. Actually, I can’t, if he was an international correspondent, he’d probably have a whole other set of stories that would make my friends stories look tame.


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