ELECTION ’08: Ohio Debate

Okay. That was painful.

If you didn’t watch it, consider yourself lucky. I got to see it twice. And it didn’t get better.

Hillary Clinton made me want to cry.

For her.

I honestly don’t know why she wanted these extra debates. I really don’t. I expected huge oppo dumps, but nothing. She got to showcase her wonkiness, but that’s nothing different from the other 18 debates. The only new thing she said is that she regrets her vote on the AUMF. Of course she lied and said that she’s been saying all along that she’s regretted that vote. A simple check on transcripts shows that she lied big time on that one.


The debate opened up with a clip of Clinton doing her mom thing Obama. Keep in mind that she spent all day distancing herself from her little weekend tirades, so everyone was wondering which Hillary would be at the debate. If people are wondering which personality is going to show up, your campaign has issues. Brian Williams asked her about her tirade and somehow she managed to make it debate about her healthcare plan. Again.


Sixteen freaking minutes of Clinton running roughshod over the moderators and Sen. Obama. She spent most of that time talking. Remember that her campaign whined today that she gets treated unfair in the media. Maybe it’s because she didn’t win 11 races in a row, she’s losing superdelegates AND she’s acting straight up Sybil-ish. Fucking crybabies, is what they are.

Ooh. I should mention that I’ve had a couple of beers a two glasses of wine, so if they doesn’t make sense to you, that’s probably why.

Anyway. That’s what we were subjected to. Then on the second question regarding NAFTA the lady actually said:

Well could I just point out that in the last several debates, I seem to get the first question all the time. And I don’t mind, I’ll be happy to field them. But I do find it curious. And if anybody saw Saturday Night Live, maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.

(image courtesy of karateexplosions)

The second question and this is what she says? And then she says that she’s happy to field them? Huh? Am I missing something? And what the hell is this pillow stuff about?

Okay, I won’t talk about how lame you must be if you willingly watch SNL after 1994. I won’t talk about how using SNL to make a point just makes you look really lame. It’s not like it’s Chappelle’s Show or even The Daily Show. I haven’t even seen the SNL clip, though I’ve heard about it. It doesn’t even sound funny or interesting enough for me to search for a clip. But for something that was clearly planned for Clinton to bring up, why on the 2nd question? She got her 90 minutes of free press (that evil media!) and she’s fucking whining on the 2nd question? Huh? Just remembe: What if the Roles Were Reversed? And tell me again, how bad the media has been to her.


There wasn’t much to the debate though. Obama held it down and called Clinton out on her bullshit. You know same old, same old; Clinton tells a lie, Obama checks it, Clinton slithers.

There were some odd moments. Tim Russert is still a fucking moron and asked some dumbass questions. It was like there was a coin toss backstage between Russert and Williams as to who gets to be The Tool for the evening. Guess Williams was tired of being The Tool.

The first question was regarding Clinton’s tax returns. She said that she was gonna try to release them and then tackily said, “Well since people heard I loaned my campaign money, we’ve been raising close to $1M a day on the Internet…” and then she plugged her fucking website. Again.

Now, you have to understand, I don’t care about the Clinton’s tax returns. I can see why some people are clamoring for them, but I really don’t care. So, I had planned on tuning the question out when she was pressed about releasing them before March 4th and she said, “Well I can’t get it together before then. I’m kind of busy right now.”


Well…uh…I’m almost positive that Clinton isn’t going to rifle through basement storage for her own tax returns. I thought that as a sitting Senator, she has to give some Senate ethics thingy her tax returns anyway. And you know what, you’re running a campaign (badly, I might add) and you’re too busy to call your accountant? What kind of non-multitasking president are you going to be?

Russert asked Sen. Obama about Louis Farrakhan’s talking nice about him.


I just about feel out of my chair. Farrakhan didn’t endorse Obama, he just said he liked the guy. Farrakhan won’t be out stumping for Obama or working with the campaign. Yet, Russert were like “The Jews may be mad!” Puh-lease. The Jews are lining up with the The Christians, The Buddhists, The Atheists and The Muslims to vote for Obama.

Obama, rightly, distanced himself from Farrakhan. In the most long-winded way. Actually, that was Russert’s fault. Apparrently the bottle of vodka he downed before the debates made it difficult for him to comprehend the simple words Obama said, so he had to repeat himself 3 times.

Then Tracy Flick Hillary Clinton just had to inject herself. She told this pointless story about how some anti-Semetic people were in NY when she was “running” for Senate and she flat out said that she didn’t want their support.

Brave stand there, Senator. Or as north_aufzoo said on TPM:

A daring move on Senator Clinton’s part. She didn’t just speak out against anti-Semitism, she had the courage to do it in that hotbed of intolerance, New York.

Then she made it an issue that even though Obama was denouncing Farrakhan, he didn’t reject him.


Did she dip into Russert’s vodka?

Surreal. Obama just said, “Okay…I don’t see the difference between denounce and reject. (audience laughter) But I’ll concede the point. I denounce AND reject him.” (audience laughter). Then Brian Williams made a joke about it too. Yeah, she looked dumb.

There was a mixup of sorts and they were going to play a clip of Obama, but accidentally ran that clip of Clinton acting like a spoiled teenager, being sarcastic and mocking Obama. She turned all kinds of shades of red when they played that clip. Obama came to her rescue, “I give you points for delivery.” (Clinton horse laughter). Then she said a curious thing, “I was trying to lighten up. We give so many speeches, I was just trying to have fun.”

Dude. Fun? You lead your group of followers in the Macarena. You tell WH jokes. You play a game with them. You do not mock another candidates speech.

She was having fun.

That’s some bullshit right there. If that’s how she has fun, then she’s a small and petty person.

Then they played the clip of Obama saying something like, “The premise of Clinton’s candidacy has been 35 years of experience, including eight years in the White House. She’s basically told us that she’s a co-president. That’s fine, but “The notion that you can selectively pick what you take credit for and then run away from what isn’t politically convenient that doesn’t make sense. If she suggested she had nothing to do with economic policy in the Clinton White House, then it would not be fair for me to bring it up but as you know, that’s not the claim that she is making,”

And Obama owned it. He didn’t run away from that clip like Clinton ran away from hers. He owned it and expanded it.

Now the most curious thing happened. You go around the blogosphere and people were like, “Clinton’s done.” She looked dejected through most of the debate and after the healthcare question, she looked like she was going to cry. Now go over to First Read and Political Ticker…during the debate it was all, “Clinton is so wonderful, Obama sucks!” It was almost like Michelle Malkin Taylor Marsh was blogging for them. I mean every little thing was an Obama fuck-up in their minds.

After the debate, the media that never gives Clinton any good press, spun their little hearts out. Tonight was Clinton’s night as they took every single flub of hers and tried to turn it to gold. And the funny thing, is that looking at them, it was almost like even they didn’t believe it. Everyone (except Chris Matthews) was talking in subdued, somber tones, Keith Olbermann looked not only pissed at Russert’s line of questions, but at the entire charade of them acting like Clinton did good.

All I have to say, is thank God it’s over. I am not going to watch another debate. If I have to listen to either of them talk about their crappy healthcare proposals, I’m going to put a hurtin’ on someone.

Can’t wait to see what the new smear the Clinton campaign has for Obama.


5 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: Ohio Debate

  1. I did record it, but I thank you ever so much for this rundown. I saw about 2 questions live as I ate dinner and also noted Russert’s lack of Sobriety. What a moran!

    Obama remains steadfast and even handed and THAT will win him this election. All class.


  2. Your reference to Tracy Flick was great–did you see the video “Hillary’s inner Tracy Flick” or did you discover that parallel independently?


  3. I’ve seen the video, but that was the first thought that popped into my head before I remembered the video. It was such and Election moment that I had to laugh.


  4. Faboo….you have to watch the rest of the debates. I watch the tv news for their sound bytes then I come here for the wrap up with only the twist you can put on it.

    But then again I rely on you as I can’t stomach “hill baby” any longer.


  5. Well frazgo, you’re in luck. There’ll be (hopefully) no more debates until Oct. I think if I had to watch another episode of Hillary on Healthcare, I’d have to put my foot through my TV.


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