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The Audubon Society’s center at Ernest Debs Park is cool. 100% built green and completely off the grid, it’s the sort of place we need more of, not only in LA but all over the place.

Talk about a flashback, driving up to the parking lot reminded me of the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona.

There isn’t much to say that isn’t already posted on their website. The kids loved the place. We took the butterfly path and it was easy to walk, even muddy. Since none of us were dressed for the walk though we did have to turn around. I couldn’t tell if the plants overgrowing the walkway were poison oak or not and we were all wearing shorts.

This huge rock in the courtyard of the place. It’s a very nice courtyard, one I wish my front yard looked like. To the kid’s left is a nice pond and to their right is another pond.

I was taking a picture of that fencing. What do you think? I’m thinking about doing something like in my front yard. I like how some rails don’t have angles on them. The walk path is also close to what’s in my front yard. Mine’s a little more gravel-y though.

This is kids were learning about butterflies. See those benches? They’re made with 100% recycled materials.

They make a little cave and there’s two stumps inside to sit on. Ilia said, “No Mr. Don’t go in there. There could be spiders.””Spiders?”, Alton asked?

Ilia nodded, “Yeah and it’s dark,”

I jumped in, “Ilia just because you’re scared of spiders and the dark doesn’t mean that he can’t go in there.

“I’m just thinking about him, mama!”, she cried.

“I scared.”, said the little boy, shivering and holding onto my leg.

There was a lot of hands on things up there. There was a little shed with toys for the kids to play with, a water pump, seating all over on the campus and lots of places to climb. One of the most spectacular things is just being able to see 20 miles north to south.

Needless to say, I took a lot of photos of plants and stuff, but I’m not interested in posting them. I also found out that I can reach the lake we visited last week from the different trails that originate at the Audubon Center. The Center’s parking lot was full (it only holds like 20 cars) so we had to park on Griffin Ave. There’s a foot path from the street on up to the top. Walking up there, you can see Downtown Los Angeles and Dodgers Stadium. You also got a great view of the Arroyo from up there and that angle also made that section of the 110 freeway look even more psychotic and hair-raising than it is in real life.

Speaking of getting on the freeway, driving down Griffin, just before I got on the freeway, I saw this:

LOL…in someone’s front yard, they have this huge metal dragonfly! WTF? The eyes, behind the metal caging are two discoballs. I’ve got drive back over there.


6 thoughts on “Audubon Society @ Ernest Debs Park

  1. That is really cool,looks like fun. We will be busy doing all the good outdoor stuff here in the next 6 -8 weeks before
    A. It’s 100 degreees and unbearably humid(I LOVE Texas)
    B. I’m too miserably pregnant

    I cannot believe I’m having a baby in July,clue number 1. that it wasn’t planned,lol.

    Now,in all your free time,please write another entry for my entertainment(and I guess all the others who enjoy your blog too as I’m feeling generous) I am bored( a true rarity) and need something good to read…


  2. How did you not get that memo..sorry about that. We are 99% sure it’s a boy (I’ll know for sure Monday) and it was a bit of a surprise. I say a bit because I like understatements. Reagan was thrilled from the start because he knew he’d never talk me into actually trying for a third ,it just took me a little time to wrap my head around it,but everyone is happy now,except,ironically,Reagan,who bears the brunt of my hormonal outbursts,lol.


  3. Woah. That place is awesome! I want to go! My goddaughter will be here next week so maybe we’ll hit it then. I have a membership at the Huntington too & the new Chinese garden is open (I think) & you guys are welcome to join us when we go if you want!
    Had fun today, will email you pics of the kids! Meant to get one of us together to post, but I forgot… oh well, the kids are cuter than us anyway. =P


  4. Kat, yes let’s go to the Audubon Center next week. And I’m totally down with Huntington Gardens. This was the first week the Chinese Garden was open to the public and I wanted to go so bad, but we can’t afford the $30 to get the both of us in. We have to go before Ilia turns 5 and we have to pay an extra $6.


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