Stinkin’ computer

Well, look at me…yesterday I got to me the blog owner of Just Kat Stuff and her little Mr. I’ve been trying to post this, but my computer is out of space and the modem is acting wonky.  That’s why I haven’t been posting as much.

We had way too much fun and somehow managed to forget to take a picture together. You think Kat is funny online? She’s hilarious is real life. Baby boy is adorable and so funny. He had these two trains that he would not release for nothing in the world. Even to swing.

I’d post a lot of pictures, but most of the pictures I got came out blurry, but I do have this adorable photo of Kid Kat:

Here’s my monster sliding down the slide.

My daughter was upset that Kat didn’t have a girl her age, so she tagged along with some other people at the park. Occassionally, she’d come back over so I could put her on the swing.

And you can see that Kid Kat thought Ilia swinging was funny.


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