A day at the races

We were supposed to be working. But…it’s Saturday and it’s not like our clients are paying our rush fee, so we went to Santa Anita. First off…it was also the KROQ Microbrew Festival. I had originially planned on sitting in the infield, but when that was more than enough to keep me away from the clones with bad taste in music. Secondly…it was gray and drizzling all day. All damn day. You know these fools had the nerve to wear sunglasses anyway. I’m sorry, but you do not look cool in a tank top and sunglasses when it’s drizzling and about 62 degrees.


The kids loved it. Now, I’ve gotta admit something.  No matter how many times I go to a racetrack, I flashback to the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.  I loved the black and white costumes and the song before the race starts is simply brilliant.  But this scene is what kills me every time.

When we got there, Ilia was just blown away by the amount of people, my husband’s never been to Santa Anita before and Alton was asleep. We arrived before the 3rd race, so we found a bench and waited. The look on Ilia’s face when the horses came by was totally worth it. The crowd yelling and cheering; men yelling, “Come on boy!” and we caught up in the frenzy!

I took Ilia around to the courtyard to see the horses, but the call of nature was loud and we missed them. Lucky for us, we came out on the other side and were able to see the horses being led to the track. She even made a friend (Jim Bob) in the paddock.

Both of the kids loved the races, and Ilia connected it with the Backyardigans Horsing Around episode. There was high drama in one race, when one horse slipped and had to pul from the race. Ilia was very concerned until she saw the horse paramedic speeding on the track.

Since we’ve been back home, both of the kids have been pretending to be jockeys and racing around the house. I’ve gotta get them out to the Speedway this summer.


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